[ever so] Grateful: Word of the Week #3

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This week I am mainly feeling [ever so] grateful.

It’s been another busy week but I’ve had some fantastic support around me, from my family and new found friends.

I’ve been trying to get organised in the house and after a trip to Flat-Pack-World (Ikea) and a car load of bookshelves, wall hangers and wicker baskets it was time to put it all together.  This isn’t DadTired’s forte, so step into the picture my DIY wizard in the form of my father.

My Dad. This week he made Little Mister’s new wardrobe, attached hooks to walls, advised on some leaky plumbing and generally fixed things that needed fixing.  I’m so grateful we’re now just over an hour away from each other.

Little Mister got his new bed this week.  We’re lucky that he’s a good sleeper, although it did take 9 months to get there!  So I’ve been putting off any change to his bed or bedtime routine because what we’ve got works, and I like my sleep!  I had nothing to worry about.  He loves his new blue bed and second night in hasn’t fallen out and has slept well.  I’m so grateful the transition went well.

On Saturday we were invited to a ‘grown-up’ birthday party.  You realise how important local friends are when you don’t have any around!  In Oxfordshire I’ve found new friends that don’t care what I do for a living or what part of NW1 I’m living in, they’re just interested in me.  We partied, we danced, we drank, DadTied and me spent some fun grown-up time together and we laughed.  To top it all we had the grandparents to babysit, so everyone was happy!

Then in the morning, my mum was superb! She crept the children downstairs, gave them breakfast and kept them entertained, giving us that rare thing – a proper lie in.  She was then instrumental in creating a lavish Sunday lunch for ten people!  She’s a star and I can’t thank her enough!

And my beautiful Mother’s Day card made and written by Mademoiselle, topped my week.  Inside she had written

“You are the best mummy because you are always playing games with me”

 I’m [ever so] grateful to have a wonderful family and some new found friends.  Thank you x



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