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It’s been a week of getting back to normal and as a result we’ve had lots of tears this week.

None were mine, I have to say, I had some wine instead!

Little Mister found going back to school for the full five days tough this week, and by Wednesday he’d had enough.  He said he didn’t need to go to school because he was “wise enough” and so the tears began.

All of the after school activities re-started this week too, so tiredness is also playing its part in the tears.  You know when they can’t rationalise with you – or themselves – their only emotional outlet is tears.

We’ve had tears at bedtime when the TV needed to be turned off;  tears in the morning before school because he didn’t want to get changed;  tears at breakfast because he had the wrong colour spoon;  tears in the car because Mademoiselle wanted HEART FM and he didn’t.  When we go by car our journey is less than 5 minutes, but it’s amazing how much emotion and tears can be packed into just five minutes!

Then this morning, we had tears because we didn’t have enough snow!  As the Little Shires went to bed it was snowing and the expectation mounted in their dreams, no doubt.  The reality didn’t materialise and we have a tiny smattering of snow this morning.  Disappointed faces all round. I’ve never properly longed for snow but I did this morning, for the sake of the kids!

no snow in oxfordshire only tears

No Snow Angels here!

I think the routine and realisation that we’re back at school five days a week is setting in.  I do hope he’s more aligned to the idea by next week!

But whilst there has been a lot of crying and pacifying, there have also been some good news. Mademoiselle is volunteering at her local riding stables from this weekend.  They normally don’t take volunteers until they’re pre-tween, but they’ve deemed her ‘responsible enough’ enough to give it a go.  She’s super excited.

I’ve had some positive work phone calls & emails this week.  No contracts signed as yet, but at least contact has been made.  Being a freelancer is hard at the best of times, and occasionally I start to doubt myself, but I’m determined this year because things have to change!

It’s my Dad’s birthday next week, so we’ll be spending time with my family at the weekend, which is always something that makes us smile!

It’s been a tough week at times and turned some to drink *ahem* and some to tears – maybe if we do get enough snow the tears will all be forgotten!

Hope you’ve had a good week and you’re back into the swing of things.  Keep warm




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