Welcome back & bon voyage

Well, it’s been a wee while since I visited this part of my blog, the posts page. In typical European style in August I took a break from the blog, partly because of extenuating circumstances and partly down to me.

My daughter was quite poorly she caught Scarlet Fever. Don’t google it, the images are pretty awful.  We were lucky in that it was caught early but it was still pretty awful, really high temperatures that just wouldn’t go down, skin feeling like its on fire and her eyes red and watery with the heat, a rash all over her body which felt like sandpaper and tonsils that were so huge she could hardly swallow.

So I took time out to to help her get better, and she is – I have the Sunday Photo to prove it!

There is nothing worse than seeing you little person poorly.

At the same time, I have been wrestling with some guilt.

You see, I am writing this post in the departure lounge of Heathrow Airport. But I am here alone.

Yup, that’s right, alone with a 7 hour flight ahead of me.

It is the strangest feeling being away and I have very mixed emotions about it.

My dearest cousin is getting married in Canada. We all love him dearly and I could not not go to his wedding. At the same time, the expense and upheavel is phenominal for the four of us. DadTired is entering a very busy period at work, the children return to school next week (think of their jetlag) and this weekend is the most expensive time of year to travel.

So DadTired pushed me in the direction of going it alone.  Which I am eternally grateful.

I am so excited to be going to this wedding, to see all my family who are scattered around the world come together. At the same time I am gutted to be going it alone. Heart wrenchingly so.

So you see this is where the guilt kicks in. I have been wrestling with it all summer, I couldn’t put it into words – probably because I was trying to ignore the fact that I was actually going.  Hence silence on the Blog.

I am here now. I have five days of separation and a fabulous wedding to go to.  I will try and set aside the range of push-me-pull-you emotions I am going through.

Getting back into the Blogging saddle has helped already. I’ve shared my thoughts, laid bare my feelings – it’s out there.

So there is some blog catching up to do, there is a new experience to be had – I haven’t left the country alone since the children have been born, so over 6 years – and a wedding to enjoy. And I will enjoy it, once I get over the guilt

Thanks for listening & normal(ish) service will resume!




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