Walking to school: {Ordinary Moments #4}

We walked to school.

When everything goes right – lunchboxes made night before, bags packed, Mademoseille wakes up on time – we have time to walk to school, and when we do it really does ease us into the day.

We walk along a route called The Phoenix Trail, which is a cycle route going from Thame to Princes Risborough.



At this time of the year it’s so very green and in parts overgrown and thick with dandelions, buttercups and nettles *come on council, chop them down*

It’s also where we’ve seen our first bumble-bees of the year, and they’re really big and fluffy; we pass a black cat which watches us as we go by and Little Mister has to stop and point at it every single time…oh, and lots and lots of dog poo *come on dog walkers, pick it up*


We’re lucky as it’s a car free walk, so Thing 1 & Thing 2 can scoot way ahead without giving me a nervous breakdown and giving them a sense of freedom. I’m also not constantly barking out the ‘mind the road’ or ‘stop’ orders.

Allowing for stops to chat/re-adjust clothing/reverse to go through the puddles again/remind Little Mister that he has to at least try and pedal(!) we can usually get there under 15 minutes. We’re very lucky.


In London walking to nursery wasn’t a realistic option. Firstly it was too busy. Always someone or something in the way so a wobbly toddler on a scooter was a liability.

Secondly, it was too far. If we allowed ourselves 45 minutes we could probably just make it, but I don’t know anyone who has a spare 45 minutes in the morning.

If you do, I salute you!

Don’t get me wrong, the hour-and-a-bit we have at home before we leave for school can be fraught.  Often I’m dragging them out of their beds at 7.25 – yet somehow at the weekend they’re up bright and sparky at  6.45am. Hmmm…

Every fibre in my being tells me to remain calm as mademoiselle yells tells me she’s not getting changed because I’ve laid out the wrong coloured tights/pants/pinafore/anything else she can think of.

And when Little Mister rejects his breakfast because he has the wrong spoon with just 10 mins to go before we have to leave the house, then it really is testing times.

And I often have to override the urge to just drive. I’m a girl who doesn’t do slow don’t forget, and walking is slow, well, slower than in the car.

But somehow when we leave the house and walk to school it evaporates the craziness of the morning and puts the arguments or niggles into perspective. We’ve always been city based, jumping into our car or running for a train, and not really taken notice of our environment apart from the dangers.  For the first time since moving here, even surrounded by the weeds wild flowers and the dog poo, I’ve really noticed just how calming it is.


When we walk Mademoiselle and I have some quality time together before she is given over to school.

We talk about whether or not the Paw Patrol dogs are real (Nick Jr to blame for this one), who she’s going to sit next to on the school carpet, a ‘watch me do a trick’ request and an ‘I love you mummy’ *heart melts*.

Mademoseille thinks it’s funny when we’re a bit late and we have to run the last five minutes – or in her words, “lets just make it a race” (and she always has to win, of course, which is difficult for me as I am very competitive). We just make the classroom line-up, we have a giggle and a hug and she’s off for her day at school.

It’s a glimpse into the busy, chaotic, fantasy mind of a 6 1/4 year old. I can’t always follow it but it’s fun trying whilst walking to school.


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  • Lystra Maisey

    Hello there, what a lovely blog post! I have a three year old but getting out of the house on time is often beyond our grasp, we do try but even with one little boy it’s very tricky! xx

    • MummyShire

      Thnx for your comment. I wish I could say we do it everyday but we don’t! Mornings can be so frantic, but when we do make it its worthwhile!

  • Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    She looks a bit stressed at the first photo then a smile. My son is like this. He chooses to poo few seconds before we need to go out for school! FEW SECONDS! We havent had a late arrival yet. Yet =P

    Lovely post cuz I can so relate =) #countrykids

    • MummyShire

      the request for the loo moments before you have to leave is the worse! We’ve been late once because Little Mister couldn’t wait. Not sure the teacher believed my excuse! lol! Thnx for your comments xx

  • Christine

    We’ve cycled some of the Phoenix trail, how lucky for it to be your school route!

    • MummyShire

      You’ll know how green it can be, esp after a couple of downpours! Yes, we are lucky. I think I’m just beginning to realise that!

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