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Vivacious – even just saying it, letting the letters drip off your tongue amplifies its definition: “full of high spirits and animation.”  This has summed up my week – in fact, the last few weeks and I’m extremely lucky *touches wood*

Of course there’s the fall out from BritmumsLive.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this conference but enthusiasm and blogger love was being dolloped out in bucket loads!  I did write a post about my experience the start of the week here, and for me the fall out has continued all week – a bit like a helium balloon, it just keeps going upwards!

There’s also a growing sense of “schools-out” amongst the children, so they’re very happy and high spirited. This week we’ve had school sports days, another dance performance and lots of chatter about the new teachers.  I get the sense not much work’s going on…

We held an impromptu garden party for Little Mister on Wednesday as he had to forgo his gymnastics session in order for us to watch Mademoiselle’s sports day.  Four children, four mummies, in our sunny garden, a bit of grub and lots of chat. Perfecto!

Metaphorically my blog’s also had a rather vivacious week;  I’ve had another guest post opportunity, a request from one of my favourite theatres in London to attend a show in July (can’t wait, more later!), a couple of review post approaches and a real boost in numbers.  I never dreamt I’d be hovering outside the Top 500.When I started blogging it was to have a place to record the challenges of being an Urban mummy who relocated to Oxford’s countryside.  I never expected it to be of interest to anyone outside my family group!  Thank you for reading.

And today, I’m profiled by Vicky and her #PoCoLo linky.  I feel like I’m in school and I’ve been chosen as Star of the Day!

Being able to cycle everywhere this week has also boosted our high spirits. Our house is quite central for getting out and about and we can cycle without too many obstructions. Cycling to school on the Pheonix Trail we only encounter dog poo & other people, and if we’re heading into town via back roads it’s nice & quiet.   And now that Little Mister has his bike too, there’s been a real sense of bike-camaraderie going on.  Just that extra bit of exercise each day has been a great boost to my endorphins!  Probably why vivacious popped into my mind!

But you know what, overall it’s that sense that summer has arrived which is making me feel good.  Leaving the house with just a cardigan and sandals can shave also 15 minutes off our leaving-the-house time- no more zipping coats, shuffling into hats & scarves and generally layering up.  OK we have to quickly do a dollop of sunscream, but I’d rather do that than negotiate putting gloves on a pre-schoolers, any day!

I’m sending you some good karma and positive energy: I hope you’ve all had a lovely week xx


The Reading Residence

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  • Kim Carberry

    I love that word….It sounds like you have had a fantastic week! This is a fab time of year x

    • MummyShire

      It’s not often that I get to use the word Vivacious, so when I do it feels pretty special!
      Thanks for popping by xx

  • Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    So many good things happening to you and your blog! Congratulations! #wotw

    • MummyShire

      Oh thanks Merlinda! you know there are times when everything seems to be going well and I feel like I’m on a roll. Although I shouldn’t speak too soon as as fortunes easily change!! haha!! Hope you’re having a lovely week xx

  • Karen

    Love the word! sounds like a really good week 🙂

  • The Reading Residence

    Lovely word to have summing up your week, and so many happy exciting things going on for you! I do like the summer, too, and there is that feeling of being on count down to the summer holidays now, isn’t there? Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    • MummyShire

      I don’t get to use this word often, in fact I rarely feel like this and I keep on thinking something is going to change; something has to bring it down. But, touch wood, I do hope the sunny weather and this roll of good luck continues!
      Thanks so much for the linky, as always – I really do enjoy looking back at my week and reviewing what we’ve done. Part of what I set this blog up to do, to capture our lives xx

  • Louise

    Vivacious is such a lovely word for the week and sums you up very well too! Sounds like you have had a lovely week – I love the bubbly feeling that often comes at this time of year with the sunshine and things starting to wind down towards the summer holidays. It was so lovely to see you at Britmums last weekend and to see you featured on the newbie showcase this week. Hope you have a fab weekend x

    • MummyShire

      Oh thanks Louise, that’s so lovely coming from you! To be honest there aren’t many weeks – if at all – that I’ve really felt quite so vivacious and bubbly going into the summer. I do think attending Britmums Live and being in such great company helped!
      Have a lovely weekend xx xx

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