Top 5 books for World Book Day, 6 March 2014

To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 6 March I talked to Thing 1 & Thing 2 about their books and which were their favourite and why.

Here is their Top 5 good reads:

Top 3 by Madamoseille, aged 6 1/4

1.  “Best to read by myself”  – That Pesky Rat by Lauren Child


About:  a brown street rat who lives in a dustbin, without any belongings and no one to look after him.  All he wants is to be a pet and be given a name.  He visits his friends who live in various states of luxury, but they tell him about the positives and the challenges about their lives.  Will the Pesky Rat find his home with someone to love him?

Why Thing 1 likes it:  “I like the pictures and the words go all over the pages so I have to follow them with my finger when I am reading them. The story is funny especially at the end when the rat writes his own letter and he looks like a cat.”

2.  “Best fairytale book” – The Fairytale Princess.  Seven Classic Stories from the Enchanted Forest by Su Blackwell, published by Thames & Hudson

fairytale fp

About:  It has the classic fairytale stories – Cinderella, The Frog Prince, 12 Dancing Princesses, The Princess & the Pea, Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty – but with a bit more detail required by a 6year old.  But it’s the illustrations that make this book special.  They’re all made out of torn newspaper, clever lighting and shadows.  Very stylish

Why Thing 1 like it:  “I like looking at the pictures because I have never seen pictures like these before”

The Princess and the Frog, taken from ‘The Fairytale Princess’

Illustration from The Princess & The Pea – The Fairytale Princess

3.  Best book about school – Marshall Armstrong is new to our school by David Mackintosh


About:  Marshall Armstrong is a new boy who starts school. He is different in every way and confident in his difference, although other children in his class believe he does not ‘fit in’ to their school.  Then Marshall Armstrong invites his classmates to his birthday party and perceptions change

Why Thing 1 like this:  “I like this because it means I have to try things before I decide I don’t like them and when I do try them I will probably like them, a bit like pomegranates” (! the words of a 6 1/4 year old!)

Top 2 by  Little Mister, aged 2 1/2*

1.  “Best to read at Bedtime”  – Hug by Jez Alborough

hug fp

About:  This book is about a little monkey called BoBo who can’t find his hug.  As he wanders through the jungle he sees the other animals having a hug and he gets upset.  Then mummy monkey hears BoBo and comes running.

This book has no words, so the reader has to be alert when reading, and of course little people like to hear the same words again and again, so you also have to remember what you said!

Why Thing 2 likes it:   He has started to choose this book again since he started nursery.  The ‘hug’ page always makes him smile.  At this point he also says “mummy always comes back”.  It’s a beautifully simple story and vividly illustrated.

Bobo finds his hug. Page from ‘Hug’ by Jez Alborough

2.  “Best funny book”  – George by Chris Haughton


About:  A cheeky dog called George thinks he’s going to be good when he’s left at home, but ends up being naughty.  When George realises what he’s done he apologises. He’s then taken out for a walk but what happens next…? The book is open ended for the reader to decide if George is going to be good or naughty

Why Thing 2 likes it:  George eats cake in the book, and Thing 2 loves any book that involves food! George is naughty which always makes Thing 2 laugh. It also takes LM through the emotion of being and feeling sorry and being forgiven.  The end is a talking point and Thing 2 can change his mind about what happens next!

George finds cake! Taken from ‘George’ by Chris Haughton



George says sorry, from ‘George’ by Chris Haughton


Let me know what you think and leave a message in the ‘comments’ box. I’d appreciate your thoughts on any other books you think we should be adding to our bookshelves. Thanks x

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*Based on the ones he chooses most to read!

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