The truth: #The Prompt 12

“The truth is more important than modesty” Roal Dahl

The truth. Sometimes I wonder what that really is? Do we always know when we’re telling the truth, I mean the whole truth and nothing but? or are we so used to telling a truth which has a tinge of a fib as to not hurt each others feelings and to hang on to the relationship?

The truth is, I don’t always know and sometimes I don’t want to know. I know that my thighs are getting bigger, and my wobbly bits more wobbly, and that my eyes are looking darker this morning because I was writing this blog and that I’m generally looking older.  But I’m not ready to accept that truth! My modesty prevails…

When you become a mum you’re expected to know everything; do you starve a cold or a fever? Is a sore knee best rubbed or patted? Why is the sky blue and where is Panda?

We tell our children to tell the truth, but do I really like her junk model jewellery box, I mean really? Do I tell her she’s probably not going to win the art competition or be the lead in the school play? Am i really going to keep that painting for ever? Truthfully, really??

The truth is, I don’t know the answers, and sometimes I don’t want to be the one responsible for the answers, but I have no choice. As mummy that’s expected to be my job.  But if I were to reveal that truth, that sometimes I just dont know – or want to know – would others think me less of a good mumy? To say that I just don’t know, to admit I don’t have all the answers is being truthful, but its not always accepted by the people you’re telling.

Sometimes the truth is scary, it can be a dark, lonely place – hurtful for the teller and cutting for the rceiver. 

But there are a few people who I will always share the real truth with; one in particular who can tell it like it is and I can accept it (just!!) – even if I don’t like it. People who have seen me at my most vulnerable, my weakest, my worse, but who accept me for me and will always know my truths. 

The truth is I hope thing 1 & thing 2 grow up to find their special  person with whom they can share their thoughts, express their feelings freely and feel free to stick two fingers up at modesty! And mummy and daddy will always be here to accept their truths no matter what.

We all need a special someone with whom we can really tell the truth. Modesty is over rated anyway, wouldn’t you say DadTired?!?x

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This week’s The Prompt phrase is ‘truth is more important that modesty’ by Roal Dahl

Sara says “a piece of writing can convey information, knowledge, emotion; it can take us to places we’ve never been and change our world view. It can make us cry or it can make us laugh. It can challenge our perceptions, our misconceptions. It can teach us” – and I agree.

She ‘prompts’ bloggers with a word and they write what it means to them. Some of the prompts do what Sara set out to do, they make me stop and think.

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