Trial day at pre-school {ordinary moments #6}

When I took this photograph I had a lump in my throat. At the age of 2years, 10 months old Little Mister was on his way to his taster day at his ‘big’ pre-school.

I’m no novice at preparing for pre-school, I’ve done it once before with Mademoiselle. But this time it’s different.

From 13months old, Mademoiselle had a fantastic nanny looking after her in her own home for three days a week .  She then went into nursery at 2&1/2 years, and slipped into her three day a week routine there without effort and without too many tears.

Little Mister is different. He’s been with me, at home, 7 days a week for nearly three years. We always go to playgroups, music groups and have numerous playdates but he’s a real home-bird. Every Friday since January he’s been going to a nursery, but it took almost 6 weeks to settle him in to the idea that this is something he does without me. His cries of ‘No mummy’ still haunt me.  He starts pre-school this September, so I feel I have to start preparing him for that time. I have to remind myself that he needs to understand that mummy always comes back, and he can enjoy his time away from home in a pre-school environment without me.  It’s still hard, though *gulp*

I was so very proud of him.



On our way in he was trepidatious.  Cautious.  Pensive even, as the pre-school is on the same site of his sister’s primary school and we drop her off & collect her every day.

I was so proud of him at his taster day as him overcame his concerns by exploring and finding things out for himself bit by bit. He ended up having a great morning.  We explored the sand area, we did a jigsaw together despite the fact he never does jigsaws at home, we made funny noses at the junk modelling table, he played ‘making cakes’ in the Home corner /dressing up area with another child.  And the big finale saw him play in the garden with fellow newbie pre-schoolers, whilst I stayed inside and spoke to the teachers.  (To be honest I kept on sneaking a peak into the garden, watching him play with the football. He looked so happy).

On our way out he took his time; he said goodbye to the teachers, took a banana and explored part of the grounds he ususally only gets to look at from afar.






And he attempted to slide down the pole a la Fireman Sam – his new found trick – but this time whilst holding his banana.



It was a regular Thursday morning, apart from the fact that we both had a taster of what ‘ordinary’ would look like in September when he starts preschool.

But for now I’m just enjoying my time with him. Just the two of us hanging out & doing playdates during school hours, and I’m looking forward to a long summer holiday togeher with him and his sister.  I’m not thinking about the autumn. Well, not too much(!) *mummyshire gulps & tries to hold back the tears*


I am linking with Kate over at mummydaddyandme because this is an {ordinary moment} which she so eloquently entices us to capture


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I am also linking with Rebecca at SimpleAsThat who is a new blog find for me, and writes with a different dimension (probably because she’s in the US)  and captures life in pictures beautifully

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  • Jaime Oliver

    awww honey .. big hugs!! i am dreading the next stage, in fact it breaks my heart to think about it!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    Lovely photos of your big boy! 🙂 Both my girls (who are 3 and 1) started nursery for the first time this year as I work two days a week. I cried when they both started, especially my littlest one, and it took them a while to settle, but now they both love it and I must admit it is the perfect balance for us all. I love to get their artwork home and it makes me so proud to hear about what they have been up too. x

  • Rebecca Cooper

    Beautiful captures ! I really enjoyed stopping by your blog. Thanks for linking up with the simple things. 🙂

  • Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    Nice. I have photo envy as I werent able to take photo of this event for my son. But I vividly remember it. Him crying for my name. He wont settle there. I have to stay awhile and when he got to play and meet some other kids he forgotten about me =P

    Your son looks so cool in his bag. I think that having, buying the bag is the rite of passage symbol that they are going to school soon. A true magical moment =)


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