Spring into Stella & Dot {Review}

I’ve been inspired by Angie and her Reasons to Dress blog lately who says if you wear your best you’ll feel your best.  I so buy into this philosophy but somehow over the last few years it hasn’t been something I’ve lived by.  I’m no fashionista, I’m not going to be stepping out in the latest LFW collection any time soon, but I do think adding pieces of jewellery and accessories I get to upgrade and basically make my clothes feel a bit more ‘now.’

I was lucky enough to attend the Stella & Dot Spring Collection launch which had a real sense of Spring and cheeriness which is so what’s needed as we come out of a rather long, cold winter!

The Chic Boutique  collection is what I’d call the more every day;  it has lots of lovely silver and gold delicate pieces that can be layered or worn on their own. And to counteract the cost, most of their necklaces that can be worn multiple ways making it worth the investment – that seems to be a signature theme for Stella & Dot.

I’m a big fan of pendants, they’re supposed to make you look taller & slimmer – hey, I’ll take all the help I can get!!

I love this:  Gitane Tassel Necklace (£55).  You can wear it doubled, with or without tassel, or long or tripled.


I really like the look and feel of this Bardot Spiral bracelet, (£40) but when I tried it on it frustrated me (sorry, Stella & Dot!!).  It’s one, long continuous bangle, it’s very pretty and this photo doesn’t do it justice.  But it’s too narrow to slip on and off, you have to spiral it on.  And when you’re with little ones and you’re washing you hands almost hourly, or you want to just whip off your jewellery before launching into Playdoh this bracelet doesn’t allow you to do that.

bardot bracelet PM

The colours and styles of this season’s collection go from subtle gracefulness (Riviera) to boho bold (Havana).  The Havana collection is inspired from 1950s Havana which to me naturally says bold, lots of detail, lots of dancing and a real vest for life!

Although I don’t usually go for gold, I love, love, love this Havana pendant, which can be worn complete (as below) or shortened into a single pendant. As it’s white it’ll stand out against some of the more colourful prints earmarked for this Spring/Summer.  There’s a also a range of bright, colourful scarves which I adore – orange being another one of my favourite colours, and one which is under utilised in fashion in my humble opinion!





Then you have The Riveria collection which has a nod towards the Grace Kelly era of style, gracefulness and subtle shades of bright colours.  It has some lovely pinks, aqua greens (I love all things green), yellows off-set against the gold. It’s really graceful & fresh.

This Trellis necklace (£85) is one of my favourites.

tesllis necklace


This Isabella Wrap bracelet (£35) was going to be my little treat to myself; something to upgrade my look this Spring – but it’s been so popular it’s sold out *unsmiley face*


isabella wrap bracelet

I think I’m going to go for a collection of bracelets instead, which still have that wrap like effect. Each one of these retails at between £19 and £35.

colour blocks edit



I think the Stella & Dot range is gorgeous; very on-trend and although some of the pieces are a little high-end of every day but you certainly get value for money and the fact you can wear the multiple ways means it’s more than just one piece of jewellery!


Disclaimer:  I received a Stella & Dot discount voucher in exchange for an honest review.  

The Stella & Dot system is based on regional stylists coming into your home & hosting parties, although if you see something you like you can order direct.  Ordering through a stylist like Laura earns them a certain amount of commission, but doesn’t cost you any more.  Order online and the commission goes into a big corporate pot.  I’m just saying…

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