Smells: #The Prompt

It’s been a quiet old week on the blog; feeling a bit out of sorts and having to deal with everyone else’s ailments has just slowed me down.

I was then given some flowers.

Then I read Sara at Mumturnedmom’s  #The Prompt “my favourite smell…” and the two sort-of went together.  Bear with me…

I love the smell fresh flowers in the house.

It doesn’t really matter what the flowers are; I’m as happy with my £1 bunch of Daffs as I am with a gorgeous bunch of Lilies (whenever they’re gifted to me!). The blossom scent hanging in the house makes me happy, then you see the burst of colour where the smell is coming from it only makes me smile.

Sara’s prompt made me think about our sense of smell, and how magical it can be.  A smell can act like a time-machine  – it can pin-point me with accuracy back to a distant memory that is only unlocked with that particular smell.  And it doesn’t have to be a traditionally ‘nice’ smell, either!

Roses have a beautiful, slightly sweeter bouquet which remind me of my first childhood home and the rose bush at the bottom of the garden.

I’m equally as happy with the smell of Dettol. Yup! The faint smell of that fruity antiseptic takes me back to my childhood and in particular a family holiday we had in a caravan in Devon; I don’t know how old I was or remember where in the UK we were, but I remember with distinction the inside of the caravan, the plastic interior and the rectangular table/breakfast bar with rounded corners, my mum cooking in that little kitchen and the fun we had chasing the wild hares in the field that surrounded the caravan.

How can I remember all of that yet struggle to remember what I need to do for next week?!

Similary, a hot day and the smell of full strength petrol conjures up magical moments.  That overpowering smell of petrol transports me back to being a child in the 70s.  I’m pre-dating the days of unleaded, so the smell was quite pungent!  *oops, revealing my age!*   My head would be hanging out of the car as Dad filled up the petrol tank; we were usually on a day trip somewhere with a picnic packed & car full of people.

Strangely enough, as I’ve gotton older I think there is something comforting about the smell of bleach.  Yes, I know, weird, huh?  Maybe it’s a fallout from my Dettol childhood days, but the smell of bleach that hits your gut and works its way back into your nostrils clenches it for me every time!

What are your smell-memories?

Thank you Sara at Mumturnedmom for the #The Prompt


Sara says “a piece of writing can convey information, knowledge, emotion; it can take us to places we’ve never been and change our world view. It can make us cry or it can make us laugh. It can challenge our perceptions, our misconceptions. It can teach us” – and I agree.

She ‘prompts’ bloggers with a word and they write what it means to them. Some of the prompts do what Sara set out to do, they make me stop and think.

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  • Honest Mum

    Haha love the smell of dettol too-aren’t we crazy! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  • Chrissie (Kristina)

    I’m the same! Can remember things from 10 years ago but can’t remember what I cooked for dinner earlier.
    Great post. X

  • Sophie Lovett

    It is funny how some really not very pleasant smells can still draw us in when they’re attached to our past. I have a real thing for the smell of sports centres – the mix of sweat and old rubber with a lingering tinge of chlorine – the thought of it actually makes me feel a bit sick but whenever I smell it I’m transported back to many happy years learning to trampoline. The smell just bypasses our brains I think and hits something deeper – maybe it’s that that makes the memories rise to the surface so easily… x

  • Denise (mum on a mission for a better life)

    Some great descriptions of different scents there and I can totally relate to remembering things so clearly from 15 years ago but not remembering a thing from yesterday lol! #ThePrompt

    • MummyShire

      Glad I am not the only one with a shocking memory for things that happen in the short term! Thnx for stopping by and glad it prompted you in some way xx

  • Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Oh, I love the smell of Dettol 🙂 A few people have mentioned petrol, I remember my dad filling the car too and I loved the smell. But, when I was pregnant for the first time I couldn’t stand the smell and I still can’t, how funny! I think smells are so evocative and it sometimes amazes me how strongly I can find myself in a past moment having smelt a particular smell. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

    • MummyShire

      I think the whole petrol smell is so evocative for many of us…happy days for many of us!! Thanks for the Linky xx

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