Shoe Shopping: The Children’s Shoe Company {ordinary moments #3}

Mademoiselle has such narrow feet it makes shoe shopping quite difficult.  Which is a shame as I looove shoes!

Her school shoes are the narrowest fitting (an E) but she still needs an insole and she has a tendency to pull the T-bar strap too tight because they feel like they’re falling off.

Enter  The Children’s Shoe Company in Marlow.

Cover Photo

Entrance to The Children’s Shoe Shop, Marlow

The Children’s Shoe Company

The Children’s Shoe Company is gorgeous. It’s tardis like in its design in that it’s bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside.

It has plenty of spacious seating area for parents and children and…and this is a good bit …a play area to occupy those siblings who aren’t getting their feet measured.  Little Mister played with their Lego for ages.

We’ve been to other shops where the selection has been, well, no selection – just one shoe in just one colour.  Not very empowering for a six year old, and often not a good looking shoe either!  Here the selection and variety of shoes was huge with some specialist narrow fitting brands, so making shopping for shoes an ordinary experience for Mademoiselle, and not a disappointing one.

She chose well – red, shiny and gorgeous!


Oh, how lovely

These are from Petasil shoes, a brand that caters for narrow fittings.


Shiny red shoes, loved by all especially M


We couldn’t resist getting a pair for Little Mister, too.  We bought him some Ricosta shoes.  He also has skinny feet but not so problematic [yet].  This was DadTired’s act of generosity *kisses all round*

The striking thing about their boys shoes were their vibrancy.  They were bright, varying colours, not a kaki or camouflage in sight, and although Little Mister opted for the blue ones they’re a bright, royal blue.


Hmm, I wonder how long the white will stay white?!


LM loved the box!










A little while ago Mademoseille got her feet measured elsewhere for some trainers, which consequently gave her blisters under her ankle bone.  I felt awful, guilty and very angry with the shoe shop.

Awful because six year olds don’t stand still and I can’t imagine anything worse than their busy feet being squeezed and pinched, when they should be playing ‘tag’ and whizzing along on scooters.

Guilty because she trusts me to provide and protect her, and my decision hurt her.

Angry with the shoe shop because I trusted their judgement, and they let me down.

So it’s taken me a while to find a children’s shoe shop locally that can cater for her narrow feet and that I really like and trust.

Children’s shoes are expensive, and when we’re living on a budget with two little ones who are growing rapidly I’m always looking at ways to cut corners but it’s very difficult to do this when it comes to Mademoiselle’s shoes.

Whilst I’m glad I’ve found The Children’s Shoe Company, I just hope Mademoiselle doesn’t grow out of her shoes too quickly!


20140411_144515Five Feet Facts 

#1.  At birth the foot contains 22 partially developed bones, by school age this number increases to 45

#2.  It can take 14 more years for these bones to fuse together to form the 26 bones that make up the mature adult foot

#3.  Children take in excess of 18,000 steps a day

#4.  Children’s feet can grow 2 whole shoe sizes each year in their first 3-4 years (happened to Little Mister). It slows down by school age *phew!*

#5.  Ill-fitting shoes in childhood can cause problems in adulthood, from blisters and in-growing toe nails to knee and posture problems.

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I’m linking with {ordinary moments} because our shoe shopping was, for the first time since leaving London, an ordinary moment.
mummy daddy me

* shop photo taken from The Children’s Shoe Company Facebook page




  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    Those little red shoes are gorgeous, I like to try and find little places for my big girls shoes too, as much as I like Clarks they don’t have the best selection all the time. And those feet facts are really interesting, i didn’t know any of those! x

  • Nicola

    Good to know as we often end up going to London for shoes or “other” shoe shop that everyone goes to and you can end up waiting a loooong time if its not a quiet mid week moment.

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