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Round is my word of the week – I’m feeling round and I’ve been running a-round in circles all week.

It’s been another busy week and one that has also made me realise how much I focus on the children and forget about myself.

Me, Thing 1 & Thing 2 have again been on our own most of the week, as DadTired is working long, crazy hours for the next few weeks, you can see why here.   So it’s up to me to be the parent in the house, I get them up, take to school, entertain pre-schooler, collect, feed, and bed down for the night, leaving little time for anything else let alone exercise.

So I’m feeling rather ’round’ and here’s why *the excuses?? ahem*

1.  Whilst dangling over the bath one evening, Mademoiselle said “you have a big bottom, mummy”.  I ignored (obviously!) but still…

2.  Spring has arrived and I’m having to start shedding my layers and layers of dark clothing. There was a time I’d be hitting the shops about now, buying some bright, sunny pieces to cheer me up after the winter months and maybe even treating myself to a pedicure.   Now?  Hell no!  Time & resources are limited, instead I’m running around after the children making sure their needs are met.

3.  My ‘Spring/Summer’ collection (if you can call it that)  is just the T-shirts I’ve been wearing under my layers and layers of dark winter clothes, is circa 2004 and on closer inspection it’s all getting a bit, well, tight.

4.  I’ve been doing double-dinners *gulp*   At 5pm ish we sit down for diner. I love this time because it’s when I get to properly talk to mademoiselle about her day at school  – although it’s also frustrating at times because she can take so loonngg to eat!.  But I eat dinner, too.  Technically I should only eat a small portion but hey, you know what it’s like…

5.  When DadTired comes home its dinner #2.  It’s either what I cooked for the children or a hybrid of that and some extra adult ingredients.  Either way, I’m doubling up hence I’m feeling ROUND

I’ve also had the run a-round by mademoiselle this week.

At the start of the week school called to say: “Madamoiselle is poorly, has struggled through the morning and really needs to be collected from school”

My heart was pounding. What’s happened since this morning?  She must be really ill for the school to call.

I rounded-up Little Mister & dragged him away from his lunch (I literally did as school called at 12.30 ) and we flew to school.  When I got there she was in the playground playing in the sandpit.  Hmmm…

But if school say she’s poorly, then she has to be poorly, right?   Wrong.

When at home she was noisily playing in the playroom and begging to go the park with her brother.  Hmmm….

The following day I was told by school “she needs to stay away for 48 hours because we sent her home, deeming her to be poorly”

She wasn’t.

She was giving everyone the run-around

Tired, maybe.  Runny nose, maybe, but who doesn’t.  Poorly, no.

So she’s been at home for two days, running around the house & causing havoc.  I feel as if I’ve been given the run-around this week by one clever little girl who wanted some time at home.

Then again, maybe it’s a good run a-round that I need to stop me feeling so, well, round.


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