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At 7 years old Mademoiselle has reached that pony loving stage.  If she’s not reading the Pony Detectives Series by Belinda Rapley- a sort of Enid Blyton Adventurous Four on ponies – she’s braying *get it?!* for riding lessons.

As any parent with limited funds would do, we gave in to her *what can I say?!*  We found Horsewyse Equine Riding & Learning Centre in Long Crendon, on the borders of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Horsewyse is one of the best Riding Centres I’ve been to, it’s the stuff of a young girl’s dream.  At the end of a long, country lane is a yard with stables off it, a huge indoor training paddock and 30+ acres of grassland. There are pony loving teenagers buzzing around the yard and a real sense of camaraderie.

This suits Mademoiselle to a tee as she aspires to be the fifth member of Belinda Rapley’s pony mad detective team.

horsewyse 2

How idyllic is this? In control and heading off on a walk with dog & trainer

I used to ride as a child and then sporadically as a parent, so I know how expensive and time consuming this hobby is, and how frustrating if you’re not taught to ride just given a riding experience.  Horsewyse feels different from the start.

From your first lesson Horsewyse teaches you techniques to learn to ride independently & with confidence so you can enjoy all aspect of pony riding and care, not just experience sitting on one.  It’s done by using vaulting techniques which encourage and teach balance, confidence and ability to move on to enjoying independent riding.  And did I say how spacious it’s indoor training area is?!

riding 3PM

This training area is huge, and she looks so small!

In half term Mademoiselle attended a Pony Care Day at Horsewyse with a group of other children doing the pony thing – saddling up, mucking out, riding and grooming.  She absolutely loved it, and her knowledge and confidence grew ten fold after just one day.

Listening to her talk with such passion and enthusiasm about her pony day constantly – and I mean constantly – wore us down *again* and we gave in to more lessons, which she is just excelling at.

Mademoiselle has quite an analytical approach to things, and she’s used this to quickly understand how to manage the horses.  On her second lesson she was confidently taking her pony Badger, who is known to be a bit cheeky, across vaulting poles at a trot, guiding – or steering – with skill.

Mademoiselle is in loovvee!

riding at horsewyse long crendon


Watching her ride takes me back to when I was a girl, enjoying the exhilaration of being on a pony, imagining the pony is yours and that you’ll be winning rosettes at the local gymkhana!

In all honestly we would never be in a position to buy her a pony. But I know that if this pony bug really does bite she’ll have access to Horsewyse who, as a not-for-profit organisation, will welcome her with open arms as a volunteer in exchange for extra riding.

How about you, has your little one discovered their pony-crush phase yet?

 I’m linking up with Fiona over at Coombemill.com and her #CountryKids linky. It’s a great place to discover ideas about what to do and where to go for kids who enjoy the outdoors!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

And Victoria over at Verily Victoria Vocalises to share the #PoCoLo love xx

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  • Jane - Our Little Escapades

    I love horses and used to go riding too. I can imagine how much your little lady is enjoying it and it sounds like a fantastic place to learn the skill. The Pony day sounds interesting too as it gives you the full understanding of the pony’s care needs.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  • Belinda Rapley

    Dear Mummy Shire, I was thrilled to read your blog post and would like to unofficially invite Mademoiselle to become the fifth member of the Pony Detectives; Rosie, Alice, Charlie and Mia get along with any pony mad youngster and would gladly share a mug of hot chocolate or two while mulling over all things horsey.

    Good luck to Mademoiselle with her riding lessons she looks fab in the photos, as does the riding school. Looks like you’ve found a good one there.

    All the best and here’s to many more happy days riding and reading the Pony Detectives,

    Belinda (also still very pony mad!)

    • MummyShire

      Gosh, Mademoiselle is so very, very happy to be unofficially the 5th member of the gang, she’s doing gappw cartwheels as I type *whoop whoop*
      As for me, I’m so excited that a bone fide author has read my little post and commented!! That’s just awesome, as any self embarrassing mummy would say!!
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and for rescuing our bedtimes-I was subjected to the Rainbow Fairy series for some time (!) But I’m so glad she’s moved on, and so is she!
      Thank you x

  • Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    I have seen some lessons from this and would see the trainer so close to the student & horse! This one is really different. There is space given and yet you can see that your daughter is safe. A real lovely school. And I love horses too! Havent rode one but theres just something so amazing about horses that draws me to them! #pocolo

  • Coombemill

    You certainly have a pony lover there! I remember being exactly the same and doing pony week’s on holiday and mucking out at my local stables on Saturdays. It is something some of my boys tried but never stuck at and one that bypassed Clio, just when we have ponies and all the space in the world! Typical. Despite the cost it is a lovely hobby and one I can see your daughter sticking with. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  • Karen

    Sir goes horse riding from school and he loves it 🙂 The indoor centre looks a lot like the one he goes to, although I guess they are all pretty much the same. She is doing really well! Good for her 🙂

  • The Reading Residence

    Sounds like a great place to learn, looks fun. My kids have yet to express much interest, though Boo’s had the odd pony ride at farms and the like and loves that. I used to ride a bit as a teen, so we’ll see whether it’s something they get into… x

  • John Adams

    My wife would love it if the kids got into riding. On the sly, Mrs Adams is a huge equestrian but we just don’t have the disposable income for her to live out her Jacke Collins-esque riding fanatsies *sigh*. I imagine in time the kids will be introduced to riding, but all the signs are that our youngest will be more into it than her older sisiter. Good luck Mademoiselle, I shall look out for her at the next dressage event we attend. #CountryKids

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