Normal: Word of the Week #6

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Regular. Usual. Pertaining to a mathematical norm. Not unusual. Everyday.

No matter how I try and jazz it up, our week has been normal…and I love it that way!

Call me borning (actually, pls dont!) but after the host of crazy, abnormal weeks of late it’s nice for things to be less hectic and back to our four-person-uneventful-household norm.

Why are we back to our norm? Well, Dadtired returned from his week long business trip to France *yeah*  so we’re a family of four again. He’s quite good at buying little gifts too, which is an added bonus. I received  an oversized bag in mock skin grey, with red lining. It’s not expensive but its French so rather chi-chi and I ♥ it!

Our half term week was pretty normal after the poorly episodes of last week.  We went to Mead Open Farm with some friends, Little Mister fed the goats whilst Madamoseille absailed up and down the climbing wall, actually that was so not normal!!.  We had a few playdates, we built a den in the garden, we walked to the park, we had dinner together most nights all four of us, we made Easter nest lollies, we did some arts and crafts, we went on an Easter egg hunt, we made the most of us all being together.

Nothing really exciting in its own right, but as a collection of activities its been an enjoyable week for me.

I enjoy half term, not least because I don’t have to do the school run!! I get to spend time with my girl who is growing up so very quickly and whose imagination takes me from being an animal rescuer to having to choose my favourite Paw Patrols pup! I love seeing her wrestle, laugh, play, shout, hold hands and love her brother as siblings do.

There has been lots of laughter, hugs, a fair few arguments and tears and the noise!! It’s increased to ear splitting levels of loudness but it soon becomes the norm.  Little Mister is so going to really miss M next week when school starts again (and so will I).  Having Mademoseille around all day has become his norm.

So this week I’ve embraced what is normal(ish) in our house. I sometimes wish I could stop time in this zone, so we could be a noisy, spending-time-all-together family for a little bit longer.  I love it now, as it is, because I know its not going to last long.


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