Tomorrow is a big day for my girl. It’s her first competitive gymnastic competition.

A little while ago she was chosen to be part of the Competitive Squad at her gym, taking part in UK Gym Competition events.  We weren’t really sure what that entailed, but she was keen and she likes what she does, so why not?

A few months later and Mademoiselle is getting ready for her first competition tomorrow in Milton Keynes.  She knows her routine, she looks great in her (overly expensive) Team Lynx leotard and Team Top and I’m so proud of her.  But today, for the first time in her little life she told me “I’m nervous, Mummy”

Maybe it’s the unknown.  Maybe it’s because the competition is taking place outside of her home town with people from all over the country.  Maybe it’s because even when she’s in her glittery leotard, hair pulled back and looking like a fine gymnast she’s still only small – she’s still only 7years old.

I count my lucky stars that Mademoiselle is a very conscientious, diligent girl; curious and determined; knows her own mind, is quietly confident and takes everything in her stride.  She loves standing up at school and doing Show & Tell and taking singing & dancing parts in her school play.  And that she’s such a clever cookie to be part of this gym squad.

I know she’ll be great – just by stepping out onto the gym floor is a huge developmental step and one that I know she’ll take in her stride. Nerves are part of what make you perform, something she’ll get used to as she does more of this, but only if she wants to of course.  But ultimately I’m glad that we talk about everything, and this is the first time that she’s really expressed a nervous emotion – which has made me nervous. For the first time someone will be judging my little girl based on her talent.  To me she’s flawless; so why does it matter what anyone else things?  I suppose it’s all part of growing up, isn’t it?

We’re all going to watch her tomorrow; getting in the car at 7.15am and driving North for an hour.  I just count my lucky stars that she’s so talented, smart and I know will be able to take all of this in her stride.

I am so very proud.




Count Your Lucky Stars
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