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 This week ‘mum’ has been my most used word.

I thought I had this post sorted and my word would be ‘work’ as I started my new job this week, but in fact the word ‘mum’ or ‘mummy’  was most instrumental to my week; the word that I missed most and the word I said the most.

Within seven days of going for an interview I went from being a SAHM to WFHM (working from home mum).  I have questioned if work was the right thing for me, and then when I’ve got it was full of trepidation the week before I started work.  But, I couldn’t work without my Mum.

My mum has volunteered to be our childcarer for the next few months. She is giving up two of her days to travel by train and look after Little Mister Wednesday & Thursday, and collect/drop off Mademoseille at school.

My Mum is the most trusted person we could possibly ask to look after our children, but somehow when I’m out of the house I  feel the need to call her two, three, four times a day to say ‘mum, how’s it going?’ or ‘mum, I forgot to say…’something rather inept which she could probably fathom out for herself.  Mum is always on my mind

I worked out of the home twice this week.  We have a rule in our house which is even if you have a key you should ring the doorbell before you come in. I don’t like surprises, I like people to announce themselves. Dadtired says its because I need time to hide the biscuits (*munch, there goes another one!*) but it’s because I really don’t like surprises. Honest!  So, as I rang the doorbell I was greeted but the most almighty ‘mum-m-m-e-e-e-e-e-y’ screech and the biggest hug from both Thing 1 & Thing 2.

That word, Mummy, is so powerful.  The most used, and at times most powerful word in the dictionary. The word can pull you down like a dead-weight when shouted 1,000times a day accompanied by requests for the impossible and improbably noisy tears. It can also be the most heartwarming, melting, warming word in the world,  when accompanied with an all encompassing smile, sparkling eyes and a big hug.

This week Mum has been my most used word. I’ve said it most to my mum.I have missed it being said to me by Little Mister, and it has melted my heart and made me feel so special, so loved, so missed, when I’ve heard it said to me at the front door.


I’m linking this post up with Jocelyn at The Reading Residence and her #Word of the Week series.


  • Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    So very true, it’s such a special word, but one that can make your shoulders slump in a ‘what now’ kind of way as much as make you smile the biggest of smiles. Beautifully written x

  • dadtired

    Where would we be without our mum?! Hats off to MrsG for her unwavering reliablity and ability to keep things 1 and 2 in check!

  • Laura Briggs

    I rely on my mum so much for childcare, and even as a WFHM you need someone to look after the children for you or else nothing gets done. I never thought in my 30s that I’d rely quite so much on my own mummy – but it seems we always will need to call on our mum, no matter how old we are!

  • The Reading Residence

    It is such a powerful word, and there’s nothing quite like it being excitedly shouted at you! So pleased it went well and that you have your mum to help out. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  • Roger

    Great blog post. Your mum is a star. Why net rope in Mrs Harris to help? :). I’m surprised Dadtired hasn’t asked for the same courtesy of ringing the bell before coming in.

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