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My #word of the week is Mud. This picture pretty much sums it up.

It’s been another glorious week chez Mummyshire helped on by the weather. We’ve spent most of this holiday week outside and what a difference some sunshine makes, huh?

Evenings and nights have brought rain & dew so by morning it’s resembled a Peppa Pig landscape with lots of muddy puddles and bright sunshine.

But still, I haven’t minded the extra washing loads it gave me, or listening to little Mister wailing as I scrub his fingers, or the extra ring around the bath that needs to be washed off or the endless flakes of dry mud I’ve cleaned off the carpet as they walk thru it (again!), or that my car is creaking with dried mud.  No really, I haven’t…

Well, only to say my Saturday was spent cleaning out our drains. Very muddy, totally smelly and the worse thing I’ve ever done. DadTired was inside being creative with the kids. Equality? That discussion is for another time. But suffice  to say I saved us a shed load of dosh!

We’ve had so much fun outdoors, and the muddier the children the better our day seems to have been!!. We’ve all caught the sun, and looking healthier for it, we’ve giggled and enjoyed a picnic or two albeit in our coats.

Someone said to my ‘I’m surprised your daughter wants to do this’ referring to this photo.


She was standing in the middle of a Puddle stirring it, pretending it was food for her lemurs, a role kindly played by her brother & cousin.

But why not? She was happy. You’re only little once and if jumping up and down in muddy puddles brings so much fun, freedom and laughter as I’ve seen this week then I may have to join in, just before getting the hoover out!

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