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The sandwiches are made; shoes polished, sports bags packed, new uniform labelled and pressed.  So, we’re ready for school.

Ready.  Really?

Interesting word, because I don’t think I am ready.  Purely selfishly I am not ready.  I’ve gotten used to having Mademoiselle around and I know Little Mister sure has too.  When he wakes up ever morning our new routine is me preventing Little Mister from dashing into her room to wake her up.  He’s so eager to play with his sister.   Every day I’ve seen them grow together with some bickering but lots and lots of laughter.  Making our own plans for the day, making endless rounds of sandwiches for picnics – even if they were just in our back garden at times – we’ve spent so much time together, rocking and rolling to our own beat, and having fun.


Mummyshire fun Polariod

We’ve had a summer of full on activity and of total go slow.   We’ve been cycling in Wendover Woods, searched for The Gruffalo, enjoying Cotswold Zoo, creative at  Roald Dahl’s museums, Ice skating, picnicking in the parks, climbing tress, learning to swim, weekend away at CbeebiesLand, then Mademoiselle caught Scarlet Fever in August.  So we came to an absolute halt.  Many mornings, and afternoons, were spent on a go slow in our PJs, in sympathy with Mademoiselle.  And it bonded Mademoiselle and Little Mister even more as they just had themselves (and me!) for inspiration & company – and how he didn’t catch Scarlet Fever is a mystery to me!!


mummyshire scarlet fever


We spent time, just the three of us, housebound but not bored.  As the antibiotics kicked in (but still restricted to home) the two of them went all ‘artistic’ on me.  Mademoiselle has always been creative but Little Mister has, in the past, had little time for sitting down for such activities.  Not this summer, his desire to be with his sister has meant that he’s learnt a thing or two including how to concentrate on arts and crafts for long periods of time.

Painting outside probably helped.  It has been a colourful, creative summer and our patio is now smattered in paint.  But it’s a lovely memory of summer to have.

chalk drawing with Mummyshire Polariod



I’m really pleased with the development of Little Mister’s creative streak, because I know his ability to now sit still & concerntrate will stand him in good stead at pre-school.

That’s another reason I’m not ready for summer to end – Little Mister starts pre-school on Thursday.  At the age of 3year and 3 months, he’ll now be out of the house four days a week.  I feel slightly cheated because I have had a year less with him at home.  Mademoiselle was nearly four when she went to school (a birthday in autumn) whereas Little Mister is just three.  So he will miss out on some of the older, at-home activities I did with my daughter, but on the other hand I probably did get to spend more time with him on a one-to-one because I was at home 24/7.

I’m not ready for Little Mister to go to pre-school, although I know Little Mister is.

Summer.  It’s been a super summer.  Our south-facing garden means we’ve reaped the benefits of the hot summer days and long summer nights.  We’ve spent most of it outside.  The paddling pool has been overworked this year, for sure!  We’ve been exploring and busy; we’ve been poorly and slovenly, we’ve been together and we’ve been apart – the children experienced their first sleepover and I’ve experienced my first time away from home.

I don’t really want our adventures to end, but I’ve got some amazing memories.  It just means I need to start planning for our Autumn break!


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  • Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    It really does sound like you’ve had a wonderful summer, scarlet fever aside. Lots of very special memories. Hope back to school has gone well, for you all x Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt, and so sorry for being exceptionally slow at getting over and commenting/sharing!

  • Louise

    Sounds like it has been a good summer on the whole despite the scarlet fever. Hope Mademoiselle enjoys being back at school and hope all goes well with Little Mister starting pre-school too x

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