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It’s been the most unusual week where I met a chocolatier, toy makers & fellow bloggers.

It’s been a long time since I was “in a meeting.”  I normally just ‘catch up’ with whoever I need to, but not this week.

At the start of the week I was lucky enough to secure myself a media pass for the Toy Fair 2017 in Kensington Olympia.  Thanks to the wise words of Mary @ Over40mumtoone  I set up a range of meetings in advance of my visit.

This is the best advice I would also give anyone planning to go in the future.  The PR & representatives are so busy and some stands are even restricted if you’re not on their meeting schedule.

All the brands I met were lovely & really helpful, but I don’t ever think I’ll get over seeing my name on a badge which says ‘media’ on it!

Meeting fellow bloggers there also felt good.  There is such amazingly warm camaraderie within the blogging community (online) which transcends into the ‘real’ offline world, too!

There are some amazing toys and games planned for the summer and Christmas 2018 *I can’t believe I’m talking about next Christmas already* – I think it’s going to be another bumper year!

I’m planning a Toy Fair 2017 round-up post, so watch this space.

I’m writing a post for the Oxfordshire Bloggers Network so I got to meet the PR for Rumsey’s coffee shop which just happen to make it’s own chocolate.  It was possibly one of the best meetings I’ve had for ages!  haha !

On the work front, the emails and networking I’ve been doing in January seem to be paying off as I’ve had lots of replies and a couple of meetings already taken place.

As a freelancer I have to do an element of self promotion to secure business contracts, but this is the thing I find most difficult. Why is that?!  I think it’s a very British thing – blowing my own trumpet doesn’t seem to come naturally, which isn’t great if you own your own business!

It’s early days but I think I’ve had an OK January.  I don’t have anyone signing on the dotted line yet, but it’s looking promising.

Hopefully some light at the end of this very grey, cold, January.

I hope you good week.  Keep warm




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