Me & my girl: Spending quality time together

Mademoseille is a natural, but I would say that wouldnt I?!

Mademoseille is a natural, but I would say that wouldnt I?!

My little mister is 2 years old and is a funny, huggable, cheeky, beautiful addition to our family.

But since he’s been born my one-on-one time with my beautiful daughter has dwindled.  Don’t get me wrong, I have tried (ish) to do things just the two of us, but she would always ask if her brother could be part of it too, so I didn’t really push it.

We’re very lucky that the two of them are as thick as theives, play nicely together and its obvious that they adore and respect each other. I know this may all change in the future, but I’m living in the now!!

Mademoseille has always wanted to go ice skating, so I thought it could be something we all do together. But DadTired was firmly in the ‘no way’ camp, he has never liked any sport that involves ice, snow, or ‘slipping about’ as he puts it.  So a morning at the Oxford Ice Rink turned into an impromptu mummy & daughter trip and it was just brilliant!

Mademoseille was beside herself with excitement that she was doing something that her brother couldn’t do.  “It’s just for grown-ups and those who are nearly teenagers”  she kept on repeating before we left.

This made me realise that no matter how much she adores being with her brother, spending time in a more grown-up environment, pushing her own boundaries is something that she relishes. And watching her grow and seeing her experience new things is, for me, sometimes daunting, emotional but makes me very proud, and I relish her challenges ahead.

So, us girls went ice skating. I hadn’t been on the ice for at least six years so I too was a bit wobbly, but that added to the excitement.  It also explains the blurdness of the photography *sorry!*

We had the very best of time. I shared my dated knowledge of what to expect at the rink, the heavy boots and how walking in them on the rubber carpet deceives you into thinking you can balance!  Her enthusiasm for the Radio-One style music and her awe and admiration for the teenagers and their energy rubbed off on me. We had a wonderful couple of hours, we held hands, then we didn’t, we each did something brave -she went round without the Penguin, I skated backwards *badly* and fell over. We laughed.

We must do it more often.

I love you, Mademoseille, even if you are growing up faster than I want to accept!xx xx

Growing in confidence

Growing in confidence




Ice skating, just mummy & me

Ice skating, just mummy & me



Enjoying a bit of 1D with other youngsters on the ice

Enjoying a bit of 1D with other youngsters on the ice

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  • Richmond Mummy

    Aww how lovely, sounds like you had a great morning together. I still can’t believe that Mademoiselle is anything past 18 months… I remember her coming in to the office at M&F and staggering about on her just-learning-to-walk legs… how time flies! x

    • Tracey

      I know, sometimes I can’t believe she isn’t that little toddler any more either! It’s a cliché but time does go by so quickly!! Thanks for comment & dropping by x

  • Kate Thompson

    Those penguin skaters are fantastic! 1:1 time is so important, I have four and try very hard to achieve it with all. My eldest is 16 and still loves doing stuff which I really value.

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