“Let me go, Mummy” : Starting Pre-School


This morning it was quite a momentous date.  Mademoiselle’s second day at school & Little Mister’s first at pre-school, but they are both at the same site.  Even DadTired took the morning off to do drop off with us all.

I  was prepared for a bit of emotional heartbreak. For some tears – both him and me(!) – for some clinginess, lots of hugs and lots of deep breaths and positive words from me as I left him crying in the doorway.

Oh no! How wrong could I be?  He couldn’t wait to go & he was in no mood for photos this morning, he wouldn’t stand still and pulled funny faces constantly.  Cheeky Monkey!  He just wanted to go and get on with it!

So much for a photo-cutie, of his first day at pre-school with his sister…this was the best of a (very) bad bunch!

mummyshire back to school 1 PM
We tried again to capture this bit of family history; a first in the Mummyshire household of them both being at school & nursery
He was having none of it… No nostalgic capturing of the moment for our family album!
starting school mummyshire

I suppose it helps that his pre-school is on the same site as his sister’s primary school, which he has visited every day since he was born, but always with me or with his sister by his side.  Although it has a separate garden/playground and teaching building, it has that feeling of being part of school, which makes for a fantastic & easy transition when the time comes.

And Mademoiselle & Little Mister can see each other at break-times and today they gave each other a hug *I’m welling up, again*

We’ve been working up to this day for a week or two, talking to him about going to school with his sister and how Mummy doesn’t go to school but will always come back at the end of the day, and we all go home together.

So when we got to nursery I helped him find his peg, his name badge and did the usual ‘have a lovely day’ cuddle-kiss thing that mums do, maybe with a bit of a linger because I didn’t want to let him go, when he said

“Let me go, Mummy”

And that was it.

He was off.  Happy.  Playful.  Loud.

Of course I’m ecstatic for him; that he is happy to be independent of me, to be playful & hold his own in the company of his peers and be confident amongst other adults.  That he was jubilant when I collected him and so upbeat and pleased with himself when he came back home.

But totally selfishly, one look back would’ve been nice!

Little Mister, you amaze me every day & I hope you never stop

xx xx

PS:  I did get one look back but only after I hollered his name a thousand times, and then it was so fast I didn’t manage to capture it!
starting school 7 PM
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  • Sarah Christie

    Ah bless, i have to collect my older son from ASDA noe I am not allowed near high school and my younger son who is 9 will not kiss me goodbye in the playground.

    • MummyShire

      Oh no! I can’t imagine that day coming although strangely I can see it happening!! They grow up too fast! Lovely to see you xx

  • Jane

    I’m so glad this day went so well for you all. I’m so glad there were no tears from him and hopefully not that many for you. I can’t wait to hear how they both get on this year. Enjoy your free time.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    • MummyShire

      I think it goes to show that we have to watch and listen to our children. Six months ago he would not be left alone, and when I tried there were so many tears. Now he can’t wait to embrace a bit of independence. And he is still enjoying it two weeks in- in fact they both are! Thnx for the Linky xx

  • brummymummyof2

    They are so BEAUTIFUL! and I just loved the stroppy dropped lip shot so so cute. They don’t get it do they? They don’t understand you want to keep this piccys forever! Loved it. Thanks so much for linking up with #wickedwednesdays and I hope to see you next week! xxx

  • Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    He is such a character! Cute funny expressions in your photos! =)

  • Louise

    A big day for you all. So glad Little Mister enjoyed his first day in pre-school. Such a bittersweet moment for you though and I do quite like the photo of Little Mister and Mademoiselle – even if you couldn’t get the pose you were hoping for 🙂

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