Kids Eat Free at Café Rouge | Voucher Offer

I think it’s only fair to share this offer for Free Kids Meals at Café Rouge, the French restaurant chain, using this voucher – after all, don’t we all deserve something for free this summer hols?!

The children love a good picnic which is easy & my food always tastes nicer outdoors, apparently *raises an eyebrow* but they love a restaurant or café even more.  Maybe it’s because they don’t get chocolate ice cream at home!  However, across the summer holidays the cost of eating out, even just a couple of times a month, can soon mount up.

This offer for Free Kids Meals is only valid until the end of July, and coincides with the launch of Café Rouge’s new kids menu, so enjoy it whilst it lasts!

Download ‘Kids Eat Free’ Café Rouge Vouchers here

We haven’t had chance to try the new menu yet, but we used to hang out in Café Rouge Southgate when we lived in London so we’re already fans of the place. We’d head to the Bistro for breakfast with Mademoiselle; taking her cereal with us.  She’d tuck into this whilst we all waited for our food order.  That feels like a lifetime away and something we’ve never done with Little Mister.  He’s governed by his tummy & I don’t think he’d let us out of the house without breakfast, even if the journey was just 10 minutes!

You won’t find a chicken nugget on this new menu, then again you wouldn’t expect to from the French, would you?!  It includes, amongst other things, sautéed chicken breast with new potatoes, bangers and mash and macaroni pasta, all prepared with some French flair no doubt, along with a range of ice cream, so I really do think there could be something for everyone.

cafe rouge menu

Photo credit: New Café Rouge menu courtesy of Café Rough PR

According to some latest thinking* families who linger over meals and allow their children to play with their food, have less picky eaters.  Sometimes Mademoiselle is the slowest of eaters, forgets about her cutlery and is closed minded to new foods however she can eat her bodyweight in green veg, including Brussel Sprouts, and will try anything green…maybe there is something in that research!

All I know is that the Little Shires are always happy spending a good few hours in a café, and so am I if it means their meal is free!

Do take advantage of this offer, especially during these rainy days of summer but check out the terms & conditions first.

We’ll be testing the menu some time this week, weather permitting, so watch out for a review from the mouths of the Little Shires- geddit?!


To find out more about Café Rouge & the Terms & Conditions of the voucher use visit

* recently published Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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  • Tinuke

    Free?! Yes please! I love Cafe Rouge, as does my little one. Such a shame I don’t have her with me this week but I will pass this information around

    • MummyShire

      I know, anything for free during the summer holidays – eating out really can add up can’t it!
      Thanks for sharing x

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