Saturday morning at Harvest Vale Farmers Market

I love Saturdays.

No rushing, no frantic need to get Mademoiselle into a school uniform, no shovelling porridge into Little Mister at record pace to ensure we’re not late for school.  We all enjoy the relaxedness (is that a word?) of Saturday mornings and if Madamoselle had her way she’d be in her PJs til noon.

But today we headed out relatively early to go to the Harvest Vale farmers market. It’s normally on Haddenham village green but today’s weather meant the stalls were relocated inside the village hall, from 9-12noon.

The Vale Harvest collective are mainly local farmers, producers or sellers promoting locally sourced and locally made produce. It’s a lovely place to talk & meet producers who actually know what goes into what they’re selling.

We used to visit the Alexandra Palace farmers market, North London, where we’d sometimes end up paying £7 for a single cauliflour *DadTired turns pale!*   Harvest Vale is much more reasonable!

I’m a fan of exposing the children to food markets like this one.  Somehow, eating outside with a plastic fork or sampling foods with their fingers makes them braver when it comes to trying new flavours.  I also get a certain buy-in to new foods, although it isn’t always a guarantee *sigh*.

Today, Little Mister was tucking into some delicious wild venison and pork ragu sauce (posh mince, basically!), smeared onto crackers. It’s made by CiCi CoCo Kitchen. She makes mouth-watering handmade pasta – the delicate nature of it really is wasted on the children! – and pasta sauces.  They both also enjoyed the sweet & savoury flavours of Doherty’s home made chutneys & jams. We bought home a jar of the strawberry & vanilla preserve. I thought it might spur DadTired on to making some of his scones  *I won’t hold my breath*












Little Mister is very enthusiastic about his food but has no concept of what to do at a sample table – to him it’s his first course!


A Shand Cake cupcake treat for Thing 1 & Thing 2

We stocked up on the sponge cakes made by Shand Cakes, one of DadTired’s favourite stalls. Her vanilla sponge is dense but fluffy and beautifully moist. Really delicious.


Shand’s vanilla sponge cake. I wish I could make them like this, but I can’t


For lunch we’re going to enjoy Kirsty’s Kitchen delicious scotch eggs with some cornbread from the Cornfield Bakery stall and some salad.  These are the ultimate pimped up scotch egg; gooey balls of gorgeousness which deserve a post all of their own…maybe I’ll write about them after lunch


Our lunch. So much more impressive once you see what’s inside!

I love Saturdays, especially Harvest Vale Saturdays.

If you know of other Oxfordshire farmers markets we should visit please leave a comment. We’re always willing to visit anywhere with delicious food!


  • dadtired

    Note however mummyshire always attends sans cash…funny how she manages to sample so many treats….hmm at least I fill up with the best beer courtesy of @xtbrewery !!

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