Elfish Behaviour

What am I going to do when Ellis Elfington is no longer here?

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are enthralled by him and his ‘magic’ and, I’m ashamed to say, I may have used the power of Ellis to keep the peace at times.  I hear myself saying “what would Ellis think?”  and peace is restored.

But it has backfired; the more ‘real’ I’ve made Ellis Elfington the more demands the children make of him.  They’ve asked questions and left food out for him and expect answers in the morning.  This translates to me having to think very hard about his handwriting, nibbling pieces of Christmas chocolate left for him (ok, not such a hardship) & remembering not to leaving a trail of evidence behind me to keep the magic alive.  It’s hard work but worth it in the morning.

So, this week Ellis Elfington has been exploring our house, leaving notes and photos for the children to discover.  The notes have been a good way to remind Mademoiselle to think about others at Christmas time, and it has worked.

Here is Ellis playing with the toys whilst Thing 1 & Thing 2 were at school/nursery

Ellis Elfington at Mummyshire HAPPY DAYS

And Ellis wore his Christmas Jumper on Friday, whilst enjoying tea & cake – and a joke – with Panda, Little Mister’s favourite toy…

panda and ellis sharing a story

We diverted a near disaster when Little Mister found Ellis Elfington hiding behind the Poinsettia.  His natural reaction was to put his hand out to bring him forward for us all to see, which of course as everyone knows means his magic will stop working.   Mademoiselle screamed (high pitched) which made Little Mister cry (sheer shock, I think!).  But we survived!



This note from Ellis reminded Mademoiselle that all her friends & family loved seeing her writing and would be very grateful to receive a Christmas card.  It worked & they were all written in one afternoon!

Ellis writing a note PM


It’s been fun having Ellis in our house & I know the children are going to miss him when he’s gone – me too, probably!  I wonder if Ellis does Eater appearances ? *ponders long and hard*

If you’re looking for other Elfish ideas, check out TheElfOnTheShelf linky for hiding inspiration! I hope you enjoy the vantage points of others.


The Reading Residence #ElfTakeover

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  • Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    You are being far more creative than we are 🙂 We always have a panic at 6am when we realise we forgot to move ours!

    • MummyShire

      Gosh, really?! I look at some of the amazing places and things the other Elves are doing over @ReadingRes linky and marvel!
      Although, the more creative you get the more the little ones expect, so you’re probably doing the right thing!
      Have a lovely Christmas xx

  • Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    We cheat and Monkey is allowed to move him and put him back in his special elf spot every morning but I fear we will have tears here when he needs to go back to Lapland.

    • MummyShire

      Ha! If I didn’t have Mademoiselle I don’t think our rules would be enforced quite so fiercely!
      Yes, I’m not sure what I’m going to do next week – I’ve already started to broach the subject of Ellis leaving, but the children aren’t having it!
      Have a lovely Christmas and see you in the new year xx

  • Karen Bell

    Love the riding on the digger.

  • Emma Kershaw

    Aww I love his Christmas jumper! Our elf Buddy is the first thing my son mentions when he wakes up, he’s really going to miss him when he goes and I think I’m going to miss him too lol xx #elftakeover

    • MummyShire

      Thanks – the challenges to surprise and delight the children each morning are getting tougher and tougher! I think we’re all going to miss Elf, in some form or other! Lovely to see you xx

  • OneDad3Girls

    Brilliant ideas. My girls have been asking if the Elf can come back at Easter too

  • The Reading Residence

    Loving Ellis! My kids love finding our Marty, too, and I know they’ll really miss him when he goes. Every morning, they’re so eager to get up and see where he is! Easter will be fine, won’t it?! Thanks for sharing with #ElfTakeover x

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