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Yup, we’re on countdown for lots of things, …and it’s so exciting!

We have a birthday coming up.  Little Mister is going to be 3 on Sunday 15th.  He’s at the age where he now understands what having a birthday means, and he’s getting very excited too.

He understands that it’s his special day, he gets a Blue cake (his choice, not mine!)  and people sing to him.  Spontaneously he doesn’t include presents in his list of ‘things to do on my birthday’…but his sister reminds him of that!

We made a Birthday Countdown chart to help him grasp the idea of ‘soon’ and how many days left to go.  It’s a grid on blue paper (again, his choice!) which starts on Wednesday & ends on Sunday, his birthday.  This gives him a  five day countdown as he’s good at counting down from 5 – 1.  He puts his stickers on each day and we then countdown how many days are left.  We have two days left…

There is a Chinese saying which goes like this:

鳶が鷹を産む。 (Tonbi (or Tobi) ga taka wo umu)

Literally it means “A kite breeding a hawk”  or “a splendid child born from common parents

He sure is a splendid little boy.

Not sure DadTired would like his ‘common’ reference, though…


LMs Birthday countdown has begun


We’re also on countdown to selling our car.  Our Big car has died.  In fact, it died when me and Mademoiselle were on the M40, but that’s a whole new post… As a result the car had to hitch a lift on the back of an AA lorry & we got to sit up front *oh, er!*    The car has been poked, diagnosed and diagnosed again and it’s  just too complicated to fix.

So we’re on countdown to saying goodbye to our Big car that, apart from now(!) has been so loyal to us.  I know it’s only a piece of metal but it transported our babies very carefully from hospital to home, it ferried us between London & Oxfordshire trillions of times as we looked for our relocate spot, and it’s been part of our overall family journey.  So a wee bit sad to see it go.

Living in the country without a car is like suggesting to a bear it should use the toilet instead of poo in the forest! So, the silver lining is that we have to go shopping for a new one if we can scrap together a few extra pennies *furrows brow*

Then of course, I’m off to BritMums Live!  I am slightly humbled to think that my blog has taken me to this lofty place.  When I started Mummyshire I never dreamt I’d be part of the biggest, social media conference & blogger event in the UK.  That’s not until the 21st, but my countdown has already begun!

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The Reading Residence

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  • The Reading Residence

    Oh, lots to countdown to! I do hope LM is having a fabulous birthday and I wish you luck finding a new car. Have fun at Britmums! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  • Louise

    Lovely word. Hope Little Mister has a very happy birthday tomorrow. We’ve recently had to replace our car too – am like you with feeling a little sad at saying goodbye to the old one. Hope you find a new one soon x

  • Lou's lake views

    How exciting for you to have so many lovely things to look forward to! #WotW

  • tracey

    Birthdays are so exciting for little ones, hope he has a great time 🙂 Wish I could countdown the days to getting a new car, mine died over a year ago and still no sign of a new one!

    • MummyShire

      Their excitement is contagious! Oh no, what is it about dying cars, its not much fun at all 🙁 all of my new found pay for many yrs to come will probably just about get us a new car-just! Thnx for stopping by xx

  • Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    Countdown to birthdays is great. Dead cars are not and I can fully empathise with you there as we live in rural France and currently have a dead car too 🙁

    • MummyShire

      🙁 poor you. It can be a challenge managing ballet classes, nursery pick up, playdates and shopping with a dead car. We have made much more use of our bikes, maybe that’s the way forward!! Thnx for stopping by xx

  • we3three

    lovely word! its far too cute when kids get all excited about events that are coming up…makes things seem all magical! hope your lil boy has a brill birthday and i love that quote. im totally with you on the car thing, i was really sad to see our last car go, it’d seen us through some really memorable occasions. #WotW

    • MummyShire

      Am so glad its not just me who is emotionally attached to a hunk of metal! Yes, the children are so very excited this week, lots of flapping of arms and tears! Thanks for stopping by xx

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