ColourMe Wellies {Review}

Prior to having kids and moving to Oxfordshire I had some wellies but they were more fashion than function. I’d wear them on a Sunday morning as me & DadTired would head for breakfast in Highgate. They hardly got wet let alone muddy.

Fast forward, we’re now in Oxfordshire and wellies are a practical necessity! So when the team at El RHEY asked if we’d like to try ColourMe Wellies it was a no brainer.  ColourMe Wellies do exactly what they say on the tin – they’re wellies you can colour and style yourself promising to redefine rainy days forever!

colourMe Wellies PM2

I love the idea of Mademoiselle’s wellies being distinctive and easily recognisable especially at school because she dumps them in a pile under her peg and are easily lost.  Drawing on clothes also reminds me of drawing on the leavers’ school shirts at the end of the year – remember?!

Mademoiselle received a pair of wellies, unfortunately Little Mister missed out as they start from size 11 to size 1.  However we received the ColourMe Wellies Gift Pack which includes a beautiful colouring book on African animals and bugs, which he just loved.  Especially the Lion as it’s his namesake!

You can tell a lot of effort and quality goes into making ColourMe Wellies.  They arrive in a beautiful box with a draw like part which is lime green.  Immediately they stand out, the colours are vibrant and they capture the creative imagination.  Mademoiselle couldn’t wait to get started.

Day 1… getting stuck in.

colourme wellies top PM

We received the Moth design with three double-ended coloured marker pens.  These are permanent and quick drying, so be careful when using them but I had no trouble washing them off Little Mister’s hands – just used soap & a flannel!  My only thought is that there weren’t enough choice of colours, but if you really want to you can use your own permanent markers.

The designs are quite intricate and Mademoiselle is taking her time to colour them in – but she is quite exacting (!) and loving doing it.

Day 2…

Colour Me Wellies day 2 PM

Day 3…finished!  Mademoiselle wants mis-matching wellies, and when you’re 7yo why not?!

colourMe Wellies 4 Finished PM

I think the ColourMe Wellies would make a lovely present as children have a free reign to get creative – and starting at £20 it’s competitively priced.  Yesterday I bought Little Mister some StartRite Wellies for the same price but without the creativity.

The team at El Rhey have a philosophy which is for their products to ‘encourage creativity in children…bring joy whilst allowing children to develop their skills.”  These wellies certainly live up to their philosophy.

For more information & offers  like ColourMe Wellies on Facebook and/or follow them on twitter at @El_Rhey.

I was gifted a pair of ColourMe Wellies to review. In return me & my daughter have critiqued  the Wellies and provided an honest review.

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