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There’s a day for everything – national best friend day; be good to your Wellies day & today is National Cherry Day 2015!  I’ve always been a fan just because they taste good, and recently the Little Shires discovered them whilst fruit picking and they’ve become cherry-fanatics!  Now that Little Mister can negotiate the stone a bit better he’s prepared to get stuck in, although if we’re at home I do still cut it up for him.

But, I wasn’t aware of the power of the Cherry – for us parents in particular, the humble, sweet cherry is a bit of a super fruit.  Here’s 4 reasons why

Melatonin – it helps you find your sleep pattern

sweet cherry juice is a natural source of melatonin, the which helps aid sleep *although I probably don’t need much to help me sleep apart from sleepier children!*  In a study, people’s melatonin intake increased if they drank cherry juice 30 mins after waking and again 30 mins before your final meal.  Melatonin is great at calming you down (I used to take it when business travelling) so something to consider when going on hols this year & you need some help overcoming jetlag.

Er…errr….oh yes, Memory (!)

This super fruit is rich in antioxidants which is a key memory boosting food.  And who doesn’t need a boost of memory  when dealing with the demands of a toddler / pre-schooler all day?  Who hasn’t struggled to memorise the names of the four Ninja Turtles in 10 minutes or remember all the lyrics to Frozen? This could be the answer! So much so that The Alzheimer’s Association recommends a regular dose of Cherry Juice to aid memory.

Helps hides the bags & wrinkles – Anti-Aging (free radicals)

I always think Free Radicals sounds like a good name for a pop group that hasn’t yet been, but I digress…  Cherries contain the highest level of antioxidants found in any other fruit, and these antioxidants help knock out the nasty free radicals *snigger* in our bodies.  Overall, the effect is we feel better, we look better and ageing is, technically, slowed down. There are claims that Cherry Juice is good for other skin complains, too. Hey, I’d give it a go to help iron out my parent worry wrinkles!

Helps when chasing around the kids – Heart health

Cherries are also very high in potassium, which is a great heart health food which reduces hypertension and blood pressure. Again, key spikes that can affect us parents!

We’re lucky to have access to a cherry tree, and I do like cooking with cherries but they’re exceptionally fiddly to cut & seed, so I was pleased to receive this juice from Cherry Good Juice (looking at the pictures I  wasn’t the only one!)

PicMonkey Collage2

It’s a really good alternative to the real thing, and we think it tastes fresh and fruity, not artificial in any way*.  I had tears from Little Mister who wanted to drink it all yesterday!

So, I’m now conscious that we should probably eat more cherries but without the time to chop & de-seed I think these cherry smoothies & cocktails from The Cherry Good Company sound pretty delicious – even more so now that I know the power of the humble cherry!  I haven’t had time to make any yet, but I shall and I’ll share & update you on the family tasting session.

*I always dilute our fruit juices with water, 50:50, and I did the same here.

Cherries smoothie title page FINAL

Triple Berry Cherry Good Smoothie

100ml Cherry juice

50g fresh or frozen strawberries

50g fresh / frozen raspberries

50g orange juice

100ml plain yoghurt – although I’d substitute milk if I was making this for the children

1 x tablespoon ground almonds (optional)

To make:  pop everything into a blender and whiz until smooth, or your preferred consistency.

Cherry Good, Lemon and  Honey Fitness Drink

This one is for me, and I’m going to make it this morning, after the school run. I’ll Instagram the results


200ml Cherry juice


100ml water


Juice of half a lemon


2 x tablespoons honey


To make:  Mix everything together until the honey dissolves. I find adding lemon juice directly to the honey just helps dissolve it a bit faster, so when adding it I would add the honey first, followed by squeeze of lemon. 

I’m looking forward to them, and I shall Instagram them once I’ve and tasted, some time later today. Enjoy National Cherry Day, and I’ve added cherry juice onto my ‘to buy’ list.

Disclaimer:  I received a Cherry Breakfast Hamper, including Cherry Good Light juice, made from Montmornecy cherries, for the purposes of this review and to celebrate National Cherry Day, 16 July 2915.  In no way did this impact on the honesty of this review or the content within; and all reviews and comments are my own. 

For more information about National Cherry Day click here

You can read more on the research findings about Cherries and their Super Fruit properties here


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  • Emma

    If ONLY my daughter liked fruit, cherries maybe the answer to our bad nocturnal habits!! The smoothie idea though…worth a try! x

    • MummyShire

      It may be! And you could probably get away with calling the Cherries ‘blackcurrant’ as a drink. I know it’s terrible to try and hoodwink them but sometimes needs must!

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