BRITMUMS LIVE 2014 : I’m in!

At the 11th hour I have managed to bag myself a ticket for BritMums Live *grins madly*  I feel like a child in a sweet shop who has just been handed the last sweet in the window!

I’m going to BritMums Live


Only THE biggest, social media and blogger event in the UK

Only THE place where the best bloggers hang out

And I can’t believe they’ve let me in!

Can you believe it? Me and my little blog in the company of those who actually know what they’re doing?  I can’t…

When I started MummyShire less than 5 months ago I never knew how much I would gain from the blog.

I’ve learnt new skills – my social media knowledge is infinitely more than it was, but we were starting from a rather low benchmark!

I’ve been inspired to be more ‘mummy creative’ thanks to people like Mel at LeCoindeMel.

I’ve leant my voice to the Asthma management in School campaign that is important to me, which was brought to my attention by ActuallyMummy

I’ve really started to appreciate my time as a mummy – well, sometimes (!) – by recording those special yet everyday moments that whizz by each week, thanks to Jocylen’s #WordoftheWeek at The Reading Residence

My brain has been stretched and challenged by people like Sara at mumturnedmom and her #ThePrompt linky, and I’ve been inspired to enjoy & explore my new found non-urban lifestyle thanks to Fiona at CoombeHill and her #Country Kids.

But I have also gained new found kindships from fellow mummy & daddy bloggers. Which was unexpected!

Attending BritMums Live will mean a serious bit of juggling on my behalf, as it’s the day before Little Mister’s birthday party and I have a busy work week in the run up to Friday. But I know it’s all going to be worth it *big smiles*

So thanks BritMums for organising this event & letting me come in! *still grinning*

I hope to find some of you @ Britmums Live, it’ll be lovely to put names to faces in real-time xx

Find Me @ BritMums

Now to business, what’s a girl to wear…?!

img_wardrobe_1 (2)

Not my wardrobe, but it’s not far off…


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