Boys like “Frozen” too!

Boys like Frozen too, you know.

Just this week I’ve been bombarded with emails and Facebook pages letting me know all the things I can buy with Elsa or Olaf’s picture on.  These also seem to be more expensive than a few months ago and just in time for Christmas *singe, a hole has just burnt thru my pocket!*

Hey, I’m not knocking it.  If I could sell FROZEN coloured Elsa tat for Christmas to make my fortune, I’d be doing it too!

But throughout all of this there is one thing missing.  The boys.

As I have a boy and I girl I realise that the boys are very much left out of this Elsa-panic-purchase frenzy, but not all of them want to be.

The boys have been exposed to FROZEN the musical all year too;  they’ve succumb to the popularity (and catchiness) of its songs, they’ve sung along to  ‘Let it Go, Let it Go-oo, I can’t take it any more…’  on long summer holiday car journeys;  they’ve even attended sing-a-long-a FROZEN specials at cinemas and have enjoyed the ride.

But when it comes to toys the FROZEN merchandise is very, err, how should I put it…girlie.

By that I mean very cutesy.  But my boy would rather something a bit less fluffy with Elsa’s face on it to play with, or to wear.  Does that make sense?  Is that asking too much?  Or is he alone in his wanting?!

Any why shouldn’t there be something for him?  After all, Frozen was THE movie of 2014 for little ones, closely followed by The Lego Movie of course.  We’re living with The Lego Movie every day as “awesome” has entered the mummyshire household vocabulary.

I have found one less fluffy, less cutesy FROZEN item for my Little Mister – a T-shirt from H&M with Elsa’s face on it, although it was in the girls section and the sleeves are a wee bit pleated.  But he doesn’t mind; he’s happy.

mummyshire elsa pm

Little Mister admiring his FROZEN top from H&M

So come on manufacturers, this Christmas remember the boys!

PS:  do you know of any Frozen boyish type toys?  If you do let me know as Father Christmas needs to add some to Little Mister’s stocking!

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  • Katrina

    Oh my (almost 3 year old) boy loves Frozen (and Lego Movie) too, and he doesn’t have a sister to influence him, he loves it anyway! I have too been looking for boys frozen themed clothing, and found a lovely Sven and Olaf hoody in Primark, my boy loves it. We also bought cute olaf PJs from M&S, but again no Elsa and Ana.

    • MummyShire

      There are so many boys out there who seem to love Frozen and Elsa, of course, the main character, but they’re not catered for in the merchandise stakes. Maybe we blogger mums-to-boys should start our own business. Make a fortune!! lol !

  • Sheena

    I totally agree! My little one is too small for Frozen yet, but I get so frustrated with how gender-divided toys and clothes are. Totally happy if she wants to wear pink and play with dolls, but don’t want her thinking that’s all she’s allowed! I found this website a good resource for finding companies who try and blur the gender line:

    • MummyShire

      Oh, don’t get me started on the gender thing. Drives.Me.MAD!!! I went into John Lewis recently to buy some colouring books. They were labelled “books for girls” which had nothing but fairies & fashion-styled girls and a sugary pink cover(YUK!) so v stereotypical and just awful role models for girls, then the “books for boys” had aeroplanes, boys playing sports etc. What does it say about where society wants to pigeon hole our children? I purchased neither!
      Like you, I don’t mind if my children want to play with dolls or cars but give them the choice – just like with clothing. Don’t stereotype
      Thnx for that website link – looks good and very useful. And let’s keep up the clamour for gender neutral clothes and toys!
      Thnx for the comments (and for listening to my ranty reply!) xx

  • Spidermummy

    Totally with you on this. It’s a real shame. However – you could buy some white long sleeve t-shirts, get the pics printed on and sell them. Solving your problem and making a fortune!!!!! If only things were that easy!! x

    • MummyShire

      Oh I love this idea! Killing two birds with one stone, making money and appeasing Little Mister. If only I had the time…!
      Thnx for dropping by xx

  • Caroline B

    Hell yeah! As the mum to 2 young boys I often bemoan the lack of gender neutrality of the Frozen merchandise! Are blue PJs with the female charscters too much to ask!??

    • MummyShire

      Oh, you’re so right!! My boy does play with a range of things, but sometimes he just wants more robust type toys or PJs which aren’t cutesy pink but also have the Frozen characters. It’s a real shame! My boy wears his sister’s T-shirt but he was laughed at whilst at a party by some older girls (he was too young to realise, my daughter did tho). Really?! Society needs a good shake up when it comes to being gender neutral…because it isn’t!

  • carla

    Toy wise everything is aimed at girls but in my eyes toys are toys!!!!
    Clothes on the other hand I’ve only seen boys tops with olaf on. They’re missing out on a big market here!

    • MummyShire

      Completely agree, toys are toys and as I have a boy and girl they both play with all toys – no distinction. But I can see that my boy does like more robust type toys at times, or would rather PJs that aren’t fluffy and pink (and so would my girl, come to think of it!) but the merchandised products are very set in their ways. Gender neutral it aint!

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