Book Review: Marshmallows for Martians

We’ve been luck enough to bag a ticket for the ‘Marshmallows for Martians’ workshop being held at The Roald Dahl museum & Story Centre in Great Missenden.

The bookshop where we bought our book – The Book House in Thame – was Dahl’s inspiration for ‘The Red House” in ‘Matilda’ saying it was “the place where books were truly treasured.”  Apparently Dahl used to do book signings in there and he a bit curmudgeonly, shall we say!!

Wow, huh?!

Written by husband & wife team Adam and Charlotte Guillain, ‘Marshmallows for Martians’ is a funny and very colourful book, and it easily appeals to boys and girls.  Little Mister (just 3 yrs) liked as it has a lovely rhythmic flow to the words and the imagery is really vibrant.  I don’t think he understood all the words, but that didn’t matter, it was lyrical and easy on the ears.  And it makes him laugh so it’s a lovely book to say goodnight to – everyone’s happy!

Mademoiselle liked it because she could read it to herself, it has some non-words which always seem to tickle her, and it has a few ‘rude bits’ that make 6-year olds laugh, for example:  ‘…He peeped out and spotted an alien band, With cymbals attached to their bums!”


Page from ‘Marshmallows for Martians’ by Adam & Charlotte Guillain


The story is about a little boy, George, who decided to find out what sweets Martians like.  Automatically the children are drawn in – hey, what’s not to like about a story involving sweets?!

George meets different types of aliens, but all sorts of mishaps happen to them when they eat too many sweets (good message!).  In the end the marshmallows help the Martians escape the noise of the aliens.   The book does differentiate between aliens & Martians, btw.

It’s difficult not to make comparisons to ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort, and there are some similarities – but I think that just comes from the fact they are both being creative with their use of aliens, and the illustrations.

‘Martians for Marshmallows’ is a lovely funny book in its own right and the illustrations by award winning Lee Wildish, are captivating.  Really in-depth, full of detail and lots to look at & keep a 3-yr old boy engaged whilst he listens to the words.

We really enjoyed it in our house, and I imagine the workshop will be just as funny, noisy & full of strange alien music – you have to read to book to find out exactly what I’m referring to!




Marshmallows for Martians workshop  on Friday 1st August at 12.30pm and 2.00pm at The Roald Dahl Museum, Great Missenden

To discover more workshop times & places, click on their website TinnedSpahetti

Others in the ‘George’ series include Spaghetti with the Yeti


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