Why blogs are now my 24/7 media fix

I’ve always loved reading – a good book, a glossy magazine full of smelly sachets & newspapers – I love a thick Sunday newspaper

But since becoming mummy to Thing One and Thing Two and project managing our house move I can barely find time to read all the notices we get from school and nursery, let alone a 500+page book or the two hours needed to digest a meaty Sunday supplement.  Wading through the papers reading reviews of plays I have no intention of  seeing, or ogling fashion ideas not practical for anyone living in the real world or over 30 *ahem* was a real joy!

Now, the Sunday supplements get tagged by Thing One as she shows off her handwriting skills or get cut to pieces for “modelling” projects *sigh*


My kitchen table and just some of the mags I haven’t yet read!

So when I discovered Blogs it was like finding my own 24/7 Sunday supplement. Information is delivered in short snippets, its on my iPad and it’s just for ME.

I can tailor my blog collection to reflect the things I’m most interested in right now.

Since discovering the blogosphere ME time to catch up on my reading is becoming more of a reality – and long may it continue!

My current favourites for

 …going out  www.muddystilettos.co.uk

the coolest, quirkiest ‘what’s on’ guide in Bucks/Oxon. Essential for a newbie. Saved my Social life (!)

…topical reading   www.bringingupcharlie.co.uk

cleverly puts a spin on parent related news & politics. Witty. Love his writing(!)

…a good parenting read   www.richmondmummy.com

like Junior magazine but on the Blog. Beautiful photography, honest reviews and writing that always makes me smile

…a dose of glossy   www.theLondoner.me

 full of fab photography, and keeps me in touch with the coolest places to hang in London for those rare child-free days

…a fashion fix   www.camilleovertherainbow.com

youthful uber cool, uber stylist & uber coveted by me, despite knowing the clothes are not practical for messy play or the muddy park!

…fashion on the high street   www.fashion-mommy.com

Style magazine fashion blogger of the year. The best bits of celebrity/fashion magazines in real-time, and high street fashion ideas

…home & interiors   www.growingspaces.net

very stylish interior ideas. Inspiring as she makes them all look so easy

…the food I’d like to cook and eat    http://londonbakes.com

 beautiful baking blog, mainly gluten-free.  The type of food you’d have time to cook if you didn’t have the children around!

…the food we do eat, family foodie ideas  www.amummytoo.com

practical family foodie ideas that make you want to cook with your children



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  • suzanne

    Tracey, loving your blog. Great writing. I can relate to everything you’re experiencing when Amani and Caden were thing 1 and thing 2. Now they’re 19 and 15!!! Enjoy them, they are adorable!!!

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