Blog Your Heart Out : It’s all about ME!

 The lovely MummyBear over at Slave To My Toddler  tagged me to Blog My Heart Out. That means I have to answer five questions and reveal more about the life of MummyShire.

So what better time to do it than on my Blog’s 1st month anniversary… just 4 weeks old and already MummyShire has been spotted on the blogosphere radar…thanks guys x

So, here goes.

1.  Who or what encouraged you to start blogging?

I’ve always loved words and writing, even at school. Maybe because of my English teacher at school, the fabulous Mrs Turner. She was so dramatic in her burgundy knee high boots and 50s style swing skirts – very Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush not Bronte! lol! ) and so inspirational.

I was then lucky enough to stumble upon a PR career working for some ‘mahoosive’ London PR companies where I got to write for a living.

But when we moved from London to Oxfordshire with Thing 1 and Thing 2 my time was squeezed, I stopped working and my reading time dwindled.  That’s when I discovered the joy of Blogs.  They’re my new media, short snippets that keep me in touch with whatever subject I like.  Then one day DadTired said ‘you can do that’.  So I did.

I decided to start writing for myself and record the relocation journey we’ve undertaken.  No company line to tow, no creative brief to follow, just my own views (with occasional input from DadTired)

2.  How do you choose which topics to blog about?

The blogs I follow all have something in common – they all write from experience and with passion, which makes them more compelling.

I decided to write about things I’m most passionate about namely  my family and food.  But having started this Blog I realise that I am quite self-deprecating so thru my blog I am also learning how to openly share…and it feels ok but I’m still working on it!

3.  What is something most people don’t know about you?

My sister and I were asked to be dancers in a music video for boy band 5ive. I turned them down because I’d never heard of them!!


90s boy band 5ive

4.  What three words best describe your style?

I deferred to DadTired for this (see #2 above) and he said intimate, insightful (huh, really??) and funny

I disagree!  I would say conversational, accessible and humorous

 5.  What do you like to do when you’re not blogging?

Most of my time seems to be taken up with the little ones in our lives (isn’t is always?)

So when I have time I love dancing. I’m trying to encourage DadTired to accompany me to a Rhumba session or two!!  I enjoy horse riding, I (sort of) enjoy running and I love eating out.


Thank you so much MummyBear @ Slave to My Toddler for the tag.

The next five bloggers I nominate to #blogyourheartout are:






 Go check them out, and if you like what you read I know they’d appreciate you leaving a comment.  I would, too *thank you smile*



  • Philippa Tyrer

    Thank you very much for tagging me! I’ll give it some thought. Lovely to read about someone else’s blogging journey!

    • Tracey

      My pleasure! I enjoy reading about your hectic life, puts my juggling conundrums into perspective!! Looking forward to reading more about you!!

  • Amy @2boys1mum

    Hiya! Thanks for tagging me. I am quite busy this week but will try to get round to doing it! 🙂
    I would love to go horse riding again! I went a few times when I was little and loved it. Xx

  • Lisa

    Lovely to read your blogs…As an old school fellow mate, I would have to say that Mrs. Turner was like marmite… You could take her or leave her…. She had her favourites.. I quite liked her but know many who didn’t, lol. I enjoyed the poetry…:)

    • Tracey

      Oh, I don’t like marmite!! lol!!
      Mrs T did have some amazing boots and a mighty fierce walk which everyone loved, didn’t they?!
      Thnx for signing up and for your comments, they mean a lot xx

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