Being 7 & Understanding Comic Relief #ThePrompt

You may be helping your children do something funny for money for Comic Relief – but how much do the children really know about Comic Relief and how much should we expose them to?

Mademoiselle, my daughter, is 7 years old.  She’s a smart cookie, asks lots of questions, thinks a lot, and of course wants to get involved in Comic Relief, esp as I was involved in the #Danceathon. She’s also a fan of One Direction, Strictly Come Dancing and David Walliams (as an author, not a comic…she’s not that mature!), so of course she wanted to stay up after her bedtime and watch BBC’s Comic Relief show.

This show is pretty emotional for us grown ups, but through the eyes of a 7yo it must be off the scale.

Watching the various films that involve children who are about the same age as her was tough – for both of us, but particularly for Mademoiselle.  She’s at the age when she can empathise and associate with these children which caused outpourings of emotion tonight.  It generated so many questions from her like ‘why does the girl have to look after her mother?’ & ‘could you break your back?’ & ‘why was that boy kidnapped?’ & ‘why are there so many diseases in Africa that can kill?’ &  ‘what will happen when the little girl’s grandmother dies, who will she live with?’ & ‘why do those boys have to live on the streets?’

Then of course she did what all 7yos do and related what she’d seen on TV to herself –  ‘Will someone kidnap me?’ & ‘will I ever get poorly and die?’ &  ‘what will happen to me when you die, Mummy?’… all amidst tears and lots of hugs.

All this within the first hour.

Is it right to expose our 7yos to the wider world so they can put their lives into context?  How much exposure is too much?

Mademoiselle wanted to watch more on TV; DadTired wanted to turn it off; I didn’t know what to do.  But what I did do was try and answer all Mademoiselle’s questions honestly and reassuringly,  peppered with reminders that she has family and friends all around her who love and care for her and always will.   But at the same time, that we mustn’t forget how lucky we are to have the gift of such a strong family network.

Bedtime took longer than usual tonight as the questions, tears & hugs continued, and I wanted her to go to bed with her questions answered and feeling reassured.  Then came her killer question;  “if I give all the money in my moneybox to Comic Relief will those boys be able to live in a house?’

What could I say? What a generous gift from a 7yo.

Comic Relief has generated lots of discussion in our house, and I’m still not sure if I’ve done the right thing and allowed Mademoiselle to watch it on TV.  How is her little mind going to process all that she’s seen?  I’m not sure mine can.  I shall wait and see how it manifests itself tomorrow morning.

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  • Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    This is a tricky one, isn’t it, and I think it does probably depend on the child (bit of a cop-out, sorry!). I do think that children need to be aware of the world around them, and of how lucky they are. We don’t do them any favours if they feel they can take everything for granted. They need to learn value. Thank you for sharing such a thought provoking post with #ThePrompt x

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