An adult only lunch

Friday was unusual.  It started out as normal – morning panic to get Mademoiselle out of the house intact with lunchbox, water-bottle, book bag, hat and gloves, the race to the playground for the 8.45 start all accompanied by the sobs of toddler monkey who decided today he didn’t want to walk/run/scoot/use his legs at all.

It was unusual for two reasons.  DadTired now “works from home” on Fridays, so he’s in the house during daylight hours. His London commute often sees him leave and arrive back home under darkness (but he’s usually home just after the children’s dinner time. Yeah!)

But, more importantly toddler monkey now goes to nursery on Fridays.  It’s the first time in his little life that he’s looked after by someone else outside his own home.

So the grown ups were home alone. Something which hasn’t happened since moving into the Shire 2 years ago.  Blissful as it was, there was something missing, something unnerving, something odd…the noise!  Apart from a bit of typing and DadTired’s occasional sniffling, it was quiet.

Totally quiet.  A sort of stillness I’d forgotten existed.

So, we decided to go find some noise – we went to The Thatch, in Thame for lunch.

We were seeking the sort of lunch which offers you warm bread with seeds on (or ‘bits’ as Mademoiselle likes to call them), which you can eat at your leisure without a colouring-in menu and you don’t have to worry about the cutlery or the sugar bowl ending up on the floor.  We found it at The Thatch.  We even snuck in a cheeky glass of wine, but shhh, don’t tell anyone!

The food at The Thatch didn’t disappoint.  We sat near the open fire (another child hazard we didn’t have to worry about) and enjoyed a few hours of being together.

I loved my bowl of sweet potato and sage soup, topped with roasted onion. Whilst the bowl looked slightly on the small side, the contents inside were tardis like – surprisingly filling.


DadTired went for the black pudding and bacon salad as his starter, which was devoured within minutes.

black pudding

I then chose the salmon fishcake with creamed leeks and chunky chips, and DadTired tucked into one of those really hearty burgers packed with salad, homemade coleslaw, onion rings and chunky chips. For dessert I opted for the baked apple stuffed with walnuts and vanilla ice cream for dessert and coffee (sorry no pictures, too busy eating) and DadTired went for the Crème Brulee.

creme brulee

At approx £35 p/head it’s a wee bit pricey to do every Friday but the food was delicious and generously portioned. But what was even better was our conversation. We barely talked about the house or the children, we just talked about stuff.  Nothing special, nothing important, just stuff – stuff that had made the news that morning, stuff that involved our friends, stuff that we’re both interested it.  And we properly laughed.

It was great!

Our family is close by but not close enough to babysit at the drop of a hat, and we don’t have our very own Mary Poppins any more *sob*  so our adult time is usually ‘on the clock’ with a babysitter when we’re doing something pre-planned. So this spur of the moment decision was magical.

I adore Thing One and Thing Two, and having taken time out to settle them into our new life I’m with them 24/7/365 so it’s easy to get into a child-centric routine.  But the two hours out of that routine reminded me how important it is to take time out for us grown-ups.

If you get chance, do it. Go on, go for lunch. You’re so worth it!



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