A guilt free night without the children

It’s Friday afternoon and heading home via Paddington station, possibly one of the busiest places you can be on a Friday night, but I feel quite alone.

Probably because that’s what’s waiting for me when I get home.

Nothing & no one.

We have a swanky, child free wedding on Saturday & we’re staying over too!  So I’m reprieved from doing Bedtime for two nights in a row as the children are having a sleepover with Mimi & Granddad.

I should be legging it down the pub for one too many G&Ts knowing there’s no early morning wake up call tomorrow.

My inner self is shouting screaming “remember all those times stuck in Bedtime limbo…go for it!”

And that’s the thing. I want to but the emotional me feels guilty.  When I get home the decibel screeching noise that usually bursts my eardrums on arrival won’t be there; the mass of shoes and school bags won’t be on the floor for me to pick up; the iPad won’t be playing Taylor Swift in one room competing with Blaze & The Monster machines on TV in the other; they’ll be no Hot Wheels on the stairs for me to injure myself on; there won’t be the panic countdown towards dinner as Little Mister starts to expire and the clock ticks close to 5pm.

If I’m honest I feel guilty that someone else is looking after my responsibilities this evening, even though I know both children and grandparents will have a ‘Super Awesome’ time, as Mademoiselle would say!.  But not having the children in the house – even if they are just sleeping – feels strange.

Every Mummy deserves a night off, but I think I need to be weaned off the children rather than go cold turkey!

So, baby steps it is then:  Here’s my (very personal) Top Five steps for preparing for a guilt free night off…

1.  have one cheeky drink before getting on the train.  I would normally be running home, all pistons firing, reading to do battle at Bedtime. Breaking that cycle and not rushing for a train will remind me that my time is my own…

2.  loose myself in a magazine.  I received a free copy of Shortlist, a magazine I haven’t indulged in for ages. It’s full of West End plays I’ll never see and gigs I’ll never go to, but for a moment it’s an opportunity to think about something that isn’t family related

3.  call a friend at 7pm – one who doesn’t have children, obviously!!  I’m reclaiming the Bedtime hours back as ME time!

4.  have another drink…see point one!

5.  indulge in front of the TV!  I don’t need to cook a meal, so I can graze my way through the evening without having to share, say ‘No more’ or restrain myself with the chocolate as a means of setting a good example to the children!

I’ll be posting how I’m getting on Instagram, so I may catch you there.

Thanks for allowing me to share my guilty conscious!

I’m linking with Hannah and her #TheList, as this is my very personal list!

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  • You Baby Me Mummy

    It feels strange without them! Great tips and I hope you had a fab night. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

    • MummyShire

      It does feels strange without them, you’re right. Maybe I need a bit more practise!

  • Mel

    Two of my little ones are with my auntie tonight. Felt weird only having 2 tonight, although just like your two, I’m sure they’ve had a ‘super awesome time!’ Xxx

    • MummyShire

      Hey, how did you get on? I did enjoy two glasses of wine (I know, super tired the following day!) and some crisps and I felt very decadent whilst doing it!
      Then I felt guilty, then DadTired came home and it wasn’t so bad.
      Although I did really miss them in the morning…it was so, so, quiet!
      Hope you enjoyed your break too. xx

  • Kim Carberry

    Ohh sounds like bliss….hehehe Have a lovely evening x

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